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Children are increasingly using computers and mobile devices, and spend a lot of time online; it can be a great way for them to explore the world around them.  The Internet is an amazing tool that impacts on our daily life so it is vitally important to us at Balksbury Federation that we educate our children to be aware of both the benefits and dangers online.


It may feel daunting to support your child, but you don’t need to be an expert on the Internet. Understanding what children do online and the risks they face will help you keep your child safe. Here are some tips and useful websites to help with e-Safety for families.


Childnet: This site provides lots of information including advice on setting parental controls.

ThinkUKnow:  Videos and support to help families teach children between 4 - 14+ to stay safe online.
ThinkUKnow Cyber Café:  Advice and support to help families teacher children between 8-11 to stay with technology and online.  This link has games for children to play.
Smart Crew:  Cartoons to support primary school children with rules for staying safe online with 5 smart rules:
CBBC Stay Safe: This site offers tips and advice for families.  It highlights 5 top tips for staying safe:

1. Don't give out personal information

2. Never meet up with an online friend

3. Don't open junk mail

4. Beware: people may not be who they say they are

5. Always tell an adult if you are worried or uncomfortable

Internet Matters: helping parents keep children stay safe online.

Net-aware: Support for parents from the NSPCC.

Parent Info: Support for parents to keep their children safe online.

LGfL: This site provides lots of information and resources to keep children safe online.

UK Safer Internet Centre: Tips, advice, guides and resources to help keep children safe online.



Child Friendly Search Engines

When searching the Internet children friendly search engines will help your child stay safe.  Here are two to start you off: