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Training teachers at Balksbury Federation


At Balksbury Federation, we believe that education is a powerful gift and is ours to give. We are committed to delivering inspirational teaching that develops well rounded and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. Great teaching is integral to this success, so we pride ourselves on giving adults who are passionate and enthusiastic in supporting children’s progress, the opportunity to train as teachers at Balksbury Federation. Teaching is undoubtedly one of the greatest jobs in the world: a chance to help children to learn and become confident, well rounded members of society.


Our Federation works alongside the Halterworth Teaching School Partnership and University of Winchester to support the Schools Direct route, alongside PGCE.

We also support Winchester University with the full time PGCE and BAed route to train those adults who are interested in a teaching career.


We offer our trainees additional training by utilising the strong skill set amongst our staff. Trainees will have the opportunity to experience:

  • Lego therapy
  • VR headsets and how they enhance the curriculum
  • Sports coaching
  • Phonics and Cued Articulation


At Balksbury federation we feel privileged to be able to train the next generation of great teachers to become reflective, resilient and confident primary school teachers.

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