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Welcome to Year Six!

Learning Support Team: Mrs Young, Mrs Buck and Mrs Hands.


Below, you will find lots of information about what you can expect when we are all together in September. Click on the stars to find out a little bit more about the teachers in the year group next year. We have also made you a little video so that we can introduce ourselves. There will be some familiar faces and some faces you may not recognise but are all very excited about seeing you when we come back after the summer break. We will spend the first week settling back in and getting to know each other. We have so many wonderful things planned! All of your teachers at Balksbury are committed to helping you to feel happy and safe, so we will spend as much time as you need listening to you and answering your questions.  






Click below to open our welcome video!


Being the oldest in the school comes with its own set of responsibilities. We know you will be excellent role models for the younger children and all of the staff are looking forward to your maturity in demonstrating the federated values of Mutual Respect, Collaboration and Perseverance. This year, you will each be assigned a Year 3 buddy to welcome them to the junior school and help them to settle in. At first we will be staying together in our year group bubble so you will write to your buddy and they will write to you with any worries that they have. 


Early on in the autumn term we will be inviting applications for the roles of school council and house captain. For these roles, you will need to make a presentation to your class (or house for the house captain role) to explain why you would be a suitable candidate.


In Year 6, we use all of our time wisely to build on our journey so far as learners and become the best possible version of ourselves. By the end of the year, you will have developed independence and will feel ready for the next chapter in your life.  You will find the learning challenging, interesting and varied. In the autumn term (you may have gathered!) our first history topic is Ancient Greece. We have lots of fun learning planned, including creating our own Greek mezze in design technology. Later on in the first half term, we will use clay to create our own Greek pots and paint them to reflect life in modern times.


You will find lots of activities at the bottom of this page to help you keep your skills sharp over the holidays.



Everyone in Year 6 is encouraged to read every night at home and can choose books from our Year 6 library. Your teachers are always happy to help you to choose a book that you will enjoy. We all love to read any will be able to find you one which will whisk you away to another place!



Click HERE to see the school uniform. 



We have PE twice a week. Our PE kit is a red or white T-shirt and black shorts. You can wear a warm tracksuit for the winter as we will still go out for PE lessons. Don’t forget to bring socks if you wear tights in the winter! Trainers or plimsolls are essential for outdoor PE lessons. Remember to take your earrings out on the morning of PE days. Year 6 PE days will be Monday and Friday next year.


Art & DT

We love art and design technology in Year 6. We also regularly use paint, pastels, chalk and all sorts of other messy things to express ourselves in different subjects.  

Please make sure you bring an old shirt or t-shirt to school to cover up your uniform for these lessons.



As in your previous years at the juniors, you will be given a locker at the beginning of the year. You will need to make sure the bag that you bring to school fits in your locker.



As well as reading, we encourage that you continue to practise your times tables regularly. To help with this, don’t forget that you can log into the Times Tables Rockstars website. Each week, we will set home learning on a Wednesday and this will be due back into school on the following Monday. 


Trips and Open Box

Open Box Theatre come in early in September to bring a little extra magic to our Ancient Greece topic. We won’t give away too much but let’s just say it will be Olympic level fun. In the spring term, we will be going on our residential trip to PGL at Liddington. All of your teachers have been on residential trips with children before but Mrs Whittington is our expert on Liddington. This is what she has to say about it:


"Liddington is my absolute favourite residential to go on with Year 6! There is so much space and countryside and there is so much to do. My favourite activity has to be ‘vertical challenge’. It is so high and challenging but fun to climb. I enjoy  pushing myself to reach the top and I love supporting and encouraging my group to do the same. I also really enjoy archery, which is much trickier than it looks.


The food is lovely too! There is a canteen that offers a selection of hot and cold food – there is so much choice! I can’t wait to return to Liddington and I know you will love it as much as I do!"



Healthy Snacks

It is important to bring a snack to keep you going until lunch time. Please make sure you only bring fruit, vegetables or a plain biscuit (digestive or rich tea).


Water Bottles

You should bring a named water bottle containing water only to keep yourself hydrated during the school day.

Frequently asked questions


Will I be allowed to go to the toilet during class?

Yes of course you are! We may encourage you to see if you can wait for a little while if we are in the middle of something really important.


Will I be allowed to sit next to my friends?

During our settling in week, we will spend time getting to know each other really well. You will be sitting with people you work well with. If you are not happy with your position in the classroom, speak to your teacher and we will work hard together to find a solution.


Who can I speak to if I am worried about something?

Your emotional wellbeing is of the highest importance to us. You can talk to any adult in the school with whom you feel comfortable and your class teacher is always there for you. If this is hard remember you can write a message and put it into the worry box at reception or ask a parent or carer to help you explain your worry.


Do I have to do my homework?

We have a home school agreement and it is very important that you work independently to improve your understanding of the learning we cover in class. 


Can we bring a pencil case?

No, we will provide you with all you need.


I am worried about not seeing my friends and being in a class with different people.

You will be working with different people within the class and year group. As we are a year group bubble, only our year group will be out on the playground at one time during the autumn term. This will make it really easy to find your friends in other classes and make new ones. Your class teachers and learning support assistants understand how you feel and we have all been in your position at various times in our lives. Forming relationships is one of the most important things we do in our lives and we are here to support you in doing this just as much as to support you in your learning. If you have any problems you must speak to a grown up because we will help you to find a solution.

Books We Love!



Learning Links

In the document below are links to help you with English and Maths over the Summer Holidays.  There are games and fun things to do and will help you be ready for September.