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Week 12 - 24th June


We have loved reading all of your Marwell Letters! You have all done an absolutely brilliant job and we can see how hard you have worked. Thank you and well done. We have now sent them off to the zoo and we can't wait to see what they say!


For the next two weeks, we will be writing our own stories based on the story 'The Black Hat' by Maia Walczak (below).


The Black Hat by Maia Walczak


This week, we will be learning about measuring length and mass. Each day, watch the video and then choose your activity according to how confident you feel. For some of the activities this week, you will need a ruler. If you do not have one at home, you can print one HERE

Lesson 1 - Measure length (cm)

Lesson 2 - Compare lengths

Lesson 3 - Four operations with length

Lesson 4 - Compare Mass

Lesson 5

Choose one of the activities below to apply your learning from this week. For the 'harder' activity, the thought bubbles are variations of the main problem in the middle. You should try the green and the yellow thought bubbles first and if they are a little tricky, do the middle problem and then go back. You could then look at the other thought bubbles for ideas on what to investigate next. 

Kindness Assembly

Watch this assembly by The Duchess of Cambridge who wants to share the importance of spreading a little kindness.


Begin by playing THIS GAME to remind yourself of the countries which make up the United Kingdom.


HERE is a fun puzzle game to remind you of the shapes of the different countries in the UK. There is an extra county though! Which country in the puzzle is not part of the UK?


HERE is a game to help you revise the capitals of the countries which make up the UK. It also has that extra bonus country in it though so don't let that confuse you!



This week, you could continue to practise the activities from last week (click HERE). Or you could try something a little more tricky.


You will need a grown up to help you with this week's learning.

Click HERE to open J2 Code Visual.


Today, you will be giving the penguin instructions to make it move. 


Go to the brown button called 'events' and open it. What does the writing say? Can you find a command for the space bar? Drag it into the empty section on the right. 


Now you will need to tell your penguin what to do when the space bar is pressed. Go to motion (blue button). Can you find 'move forward'? Drag it so that it inside your space bar command. Now click the red triangle to run your program and press the space bar. What happens? 


Investigate changing the number in the green box.


Can you make the penguin turn?


What happens when you enter the code below?



Have fun with this BBC Bitesize lesson on habitats.


You could have a go at designing your own top hat. Click HERE for ideas. 

Guided Relaxation