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Week 8 - Set 20th May

Dear Children, 

We hope you have all had a fabulous week and have enjoyed your home learning tasks. It is great to see your work on the Keeping in Touch page. 


As it is half term next week, we will not be setting work for the week. We hope that you spend the week enjoying the lovely sunshine and relaxing. Try to spend some time having fun in the garden, or bake some tasty treats and make sure you regularly go for a nice, long walk for some fresh air if you can. If you feel you would still like to complete home learning tasks next week, then please choose a task that you have not completed from one of the previous task overview sheets on the website. You can also find alternative activities on the BBC Bitesize website.  


After half term, we will be updating the website with more home learning tasks, messages from us to say hello, recordings of us sharing more stories and we will upload more videos to help you with your work. 


Remember, you can still keep in touch with us, and share what you are doing over half term, by asking your parents/carers to email us at Make sure you are being helpful to your parents/carers at home and have a lovely half term break! 


We are all missing you lots. 

The Year 6 Team

A Message from Mrs H

Welcome Back Year 6!

Blooper! Something to make you smile!

Dear Children, 


We hope you have had a brilliant weekend! 


Listed on the Week 7 Task Overview Sheet, was a Maths riddle competition. The deadline to send in the answers to your riddles (or some of your own riddles), along with some of your Maths work for the week, will be this Friday the 22nd May. There will be prizes for the best work! Just make sure you send in your work to the email address below to be entered into the competition. 


Additional to the Maths competition, we thought it might be nice to have a cooking competition. To enter in the 'Big Balksbury Bake Off', bake and decorate a cake that symbolises something you have enjoyed doing at home recently - be creative! Send your work to the email to be entered in the competition. You can also read more details on this week's Task Overview Sheet. Good luck! 


Have a good week!


The Year 6 Team



WELL DONE SAMMY AND JEMIMA! Excellent Maths work this week. Thank you for sending in your riddles! I hope you enjoy your prizes! Here are my favourite riddles:

- When Lisa was 6 years old, her sister was half her age. If Lisa is 40 years old, how old is her sister?

- What can you catch but not throw?

- What gets shorter the more you use it? 



Home Learning - (EASIER TASKS - please also use supporting resources from above)