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Week 9 - 3rd June


This week's English is based on the story Big Bear Little Brother. 


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling



Day One

Use the first video on the White Rose website to revise the 10 times table. Then choose one of the activities below.

Day Two

Click HERE to watch the second video on the White Rose website (Lesson 2 - Sharing). You will need to scroll down to find it. Once you have watched it, choose your challenge level from the activities below.




Day Three 

We are going to spend two days learning about and practising grouping as this is a tricky concept. 

Today, watch this video to see the difference between grouping and sharing then choose one of the activities below the video.


Division as sharing and grouping

Day Four

Today let's practise grouping a little more, click HERE watch the third video on the White Rose website. You will need to scroll down to find it.

Then click HERE to play the game from yesterday. You do not have to play the game but it will help to refresh your mind.  


Now tackle the learning challenge below.


To make the learning challenge easier, find 20 small objects and pretend they are sweets so that you can tackle the challenge practically. Lego bricks would work well. 

For a moderate challenge, try drawing pictures to help you solve it.

For a harder challenge, see if you can write down number sentences to help you solve it. 


Day Five

Today we are going to revise odd and even numbers. Click HERE and scroll down to watch the final video on this week's home learning from White Rose.



Our geography learning this half term is about the United Kingdom. If you haven't had a chance to watch Space X take off and docking at International Space Station then you will find the videos below. 

Here is a picture of the UK taken from the International Space Station.

What are your first thoughts?

What can you see in the picture?

Why has this week been a good week for seeing the UK from space?

Does this picture make you ask any questions?



Astronauts successfully liftoff in historic SpaceX Demo 2 launch

A rocket ship built by Elon Musk's SpaceX company thundered away from Earth with two Americans on Saturday, ushering in a new era of commercial space travel ...

SpaceX DM - 2 Docking - May 31 2020


This week, click HERE to look at this BBC home learning activity.


Can you learn this Go Noodle dance?

I'm Still Standing

Health and Wellbeing

It has been very sunny outside hasn't it? Do you know how to stay safe in the sun?

This short video will help.