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Art and Design

Art and Design at Balksbury Federation plays an integral part of the curriculum. The Federation strongly believes it is an important tool for developing a range of key transferable skills for life such as creativity, innovation, resilience and communication. Our Art and Design curriculum aims to develop these skills in all children by the time they leave us in Year 6. As well as these skills for life, Art and Design is fantastic for developing children’s fine and gross motor skills and provides alternative ways for children to communicate ideas.


In addition to developing children’s skills, their knowledge of Art and Design is also important. In our curriculum, children will have the opportunity to develop an appreciation for others’ artwork and learn how to critically appraise the work of others. They are given the opportunity to learn about a variety of famous artists and designers throughout history as well as modern and local artists to help inspire their own work. Our curriculum also provides opportunities to develop their digital photography skills as well as utilising the outdoor classroom. Art and Design is an important part of the Balksbury Federation and we aspire to create an exciting and engaging curriculum to encourage creativity and innovation.




Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Balksbury Federation Art and Design Curriculum Overview

Balksbury Federation Art and Design Progression of Skills