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Balksbury Young Carers

Balksbury Young Carers


A Young Carer is a child under the age of 18 who provides emotional and/or physical support to someone in their family who is ill, disabled, has a mental health condition, or an addiction.


Balksbury Federation recognises and understands the importance of the Young Carer role. We believe that: 

  • Young Carers should have the right to reach their full potential regardless of the challenges and experiences they may face at home

  • Our commitment to our children’s future improves their wellbeing


We are committed to expanding the support and provisions within the federation, to ensure our Young Carers' needs are met. 

We promote the awareness of the Young Carer role within the federated community.

We want our Young Carers to feel included and supported, so that they thrive and enjoy school.


The designated Young Carer Support Lead is Miss Bodinham, who is supported by Mrs Grinham and Mrs Whatley, the Community Support Leads and Young Carer Operational Leads.


Young Carers Club

Every Tuesday lunchtime, Mrs Grinham and Mrs Whatley hold a lunchtime club for our Young Carers from across the Federation.  This gives the children a chance to be with other children that are in a similar situation to them.


After eating lunch together, the children take part in different activities such as playing board games, arts and craft and cake decorating!  For some of these children, it gives them the chance to do things that they would not get to do at home because of their caring role.



What our Young Carers say:

'I love drawing and eating altogether.'


'I love making things and taking them home.  I have made lots of new friends.'


'There is always a grown up to talk to.'


'I just feel really happy when I come.'


Andover Young Carers

We also work with the Andover Young Carers group.


One of their team visits our Young Carers Club once a term to have lunch and talk to the children.


We are also able to refer our Young Carers to the Andover Young Carers for further support.

I think my child is a Young Carer.  What do I do now?

If you think your child is a Young Carer, please get in contact with our Young Carers Operational Leads - Mrs Grinham or Mrs Whatley, Community Support Leads, to discuss the support that can be put in place.  Please contact them via -