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Year 2

Click on Woody to see our 'hello' video.

Here's a sunflower update - these are the ones Dolphin class planted for Science! Look how much they have grown in Miss Shehata's garden!

General knowledge quiz with Miss Shehata!

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Quiz answers! (Don't look until you've got all your answers written down!)

Animal quiz with Mrs Milsom!

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Answers to animal quiz

Riddles with Mrs Milsom!

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Riddles - ANSWERS

A message from the staff at Balksbury

Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping happy and well.

We have attached a sheet with lots of links to different sites that offer fun learning. We will keep this up to date each week for you. Enjoy the activities smileysmileysmiley


Bubble and Squeak say 'Hi' x

Dear Parents/Carers,
Some children may be finding this time at home very confusing, they may be anxious, they may not quite understand why they are unable to go out and play with their friends. Here are some stories that will hopefully help them understand some of the issues that they are having to deal with.
I will also be updating weekly with some ideas of ways to cope with anxiety and ways to encourage the children to have a healthy positive mind.
I understand that some of you may not have access to a printer, therefore I will include activities that can be done without one.
Take care
Mrs Whatley - ELSA
Oh my goodness, what a great day! We came to school dressed as pirates and invited our Mums and Dads into school to show them our pirate leaflets. They were so proud of us and thoroughly enjoyed reading the information we had learnt.

Pirate day

Welcome to Year 2

Please come and meet the new additions to the Year 2 family - we are proud to introduce 'Bubble and Squeak'

In English we are learning all about what it would have been like to have been a pirate. We made ourselves a pirate hat and as a year group we all went out side and had pirate battles, made each other walk the plank and stole each other's treasure. We had a great time.

AArrgghhh, you ole Landlubbers!!

We Loveheart PE!

Have a look at our photos of us doing PE. In these pictures you will see us having great fun playing 'hats and bowls' (one of our favourite warm up games). We really have to work together (one of the school's learning values of collaboration), to try and beat the other team.smiley



Our topic in Geography this term, has been to discover if the world has always looked the same? 

We used atlases, Google Earth, books and the internet to try to answer our question. We discovered that IT HAS NOT!

In actual fact we found out that the continents on the world used to be joined together as one super continent called Pangea.

We learnt that after the continents had drifted apart, that very slowly, over millions of years, some of the land masses started to drift back together again. India used to be an island in the Southern ocean and it gradually drifted towards Asia, creating the Himalayas as it moved.

Check out our photos of us being Asia, the Himalayas and India. 

Being The Himalayas

INSTRUCTIONS - make a jam sandwich smiley

We have just started learning to follow and write our own instructions, to make a jam sandwich, yum. We are learning that instructions need to be bossy (Eat your sandwich - yum!). We have learnt that instructions need to be written and followed in the correct order. At the end of next week, we are going to think about harvest produce and make an apple crumble - yum!!heart


Jam Sandwiches