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Year 2

Friday 15th October 2021: Week 6

It has been another busy week in Year 2! During our phonics lessons, we have been focusing on the sound 'ee' - we have explored all of the different ways that 'ee' can be represented such as: ea, ey, e-e, y and ie. 

In the afternoons, we have continued to work on our ball skills in PE - we now know how to stop a ball using the sole of our feet, how to kick a ball using the inside of our feet, and how to dribble a ball under control. This week, we have also enjoyed some DT learning. We spent the week learning about the London Eye and how it moves on an axel. We used this information to make our own miniature London Eyes for Paddington to ride. Have a look at our hard work below!   

Making sure our London Eyes could spin!

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Friday 8th October 2021: Week 5

In Year 2 this week, we have been exploring a new text called 'This is London'. This text inspired us to gather a wealth of information about our capital city. During our Guided Reading lessons, we came across a poem about Trafalgar Square which we loved! We worked as a class to read, illustrate and perform the poem. Take a look at our hard work:


Click here to access Merlin's poetry video.

Click here to access Kingfisher's poetry video.

Click here to access Nightingale's poetry video.

Friday 1st October 2021: Week 4

As week 4 comes to a close, it is clear that our Year 2 children are continuing to thrive, make progress and subsequently produce some amazing learning! The children started off the week feeling very concerned as they got the news that Paddington Bear had gone missing over the weekend. As a result of this, the children worked very hard all week to create missing posters containing lots of information and a detailed description of Paddington. Thankfully, their hard work paid off and yesterday, he returned to us safely alongside Aunt Lucy. The children could not contain their excitement when they found him at their classroom doors! In Science, the children were set the challenge of making Paddington a new coat. They spent the week exploring different materials to work out which one was the most flexible and waterproof which they then transformed into a new coat. 

Friday 24th September 2021: Week 3 

We have carried out some amazing learning in Year 2 this week, it is hard to believe that we have only been back at school for 3 weeks! In English, we brought our 'Paddington' learning journey to life by making and trying marmalade sandwiches - the children were so excited to be given this opportunity. Jack enthusiastically stated that this "was the best English lesson of his life" which summed up our day! We can't wait to use this experience to inspire some creative writing next week. 

In Maths, we have used our new knowledge of partitioning to represent numbers in different ways. The children worked both independently and as part of a team and showed great levels of creativity and focus - well done Year 2! 

Friday 17th September 2021: Week 2

Year 2 children have continued to amaze us this week, they are superstars!

On Monday, we had our very first water confidence session in the federation's swimming pool - the children showed great courage and independence... all children got into the water, all children got changed by themselves and all children loved our time in the pool! We can't wait to do this again next week!

In the afternoons, we have been developing our musical skills - have a look at the videos below to see what we have been up to! 


Click here to access Kingfisher's music video.

Click here to access Merlin's music video.

Click here to access Nightingale's music video. 

'Paddington' by Michael Bond:

Lots of children have asked if they can listen to 'Paddington' at home as they are enjoying our learning so much! 


Please click here to listen to the story... 

Friday 10th September 2021: Week 1

Wow! What an amazing first week Year 2 have had! In our English learning this week, a mystery suitcase arrived in our classrooms! We had to use the different clues that were in it to work out who the suitcase belonged to - after a while, we all agreed it belonged to Paddington Bear! In the afternoon, we spent time making our own miniature Paddington Bears, all of the children were so creative and the end result was simply amazing! In Maths, we have practiced forming all of our numbers correctly in a variety of different ways (using chalk, cars, construction materials, jigsaw pieces etc.) which will underpin all of our learning this year. 


Well done Year 2 - have a lovely weekend! 

Friday 3rd September 2021: We can't wait to see you! 

Hello Year 2! We just wanted to let you know that your teachers have been very busy getting your classrooms ready for Monday and they look great! We are so excited for you to come back to school! We understand that you might be feeling a little bit nervous (this is completely normal) - try not to worry because we will make sure that we look after you and we know that you will have lots of fun! 


Here is a sneak peek of what Year 2 looks like this year... 

Transition Morning (Wednesday 21st July 2021):

We were incredibly lucky to be able to have a wonderful transition morning before we broke up for the summer holidays. All of the children got to meet their new class teacher and the lovely LSAs who are going to be supporting us in Year 2. The children talked about where their new classroom was going to be, asked lots of questions, and discussed how they were feeling. We managed to play lots of fun games which helped us to get to know each other. The sun shone down on us and everybody left with huge smiles on their faces which was lovely to see!


Have a look at our transition morning photos below...

Can you see your new class? 

Can you see your new teacher?

Can you find yourself!? 


Don't forget to click on the sunflower underneath the pictures to find out more about Year 2!

Mrs Baker and Merlin Class...

Mrs Milsom and Nightingale Class...

Mr Mackrill and Kingfisher Class...

Have a look at what the Year 2 children got up to last academic year (2020 - 2021)...


Every Monday in Year 2 we go swimming! Each class takes it in turn to spend an hour in the pool. We are put into little groups (for our safety) and then we have great fun gaining confidence in the water and learning how to swim. It is such a fantastic time, we all love it and wish we could stay all day!


In our Science lessons, we have been learning all about how animals and humans need food to survive. We had learnt that there are different types of animals (carnivores, herbivores and omnivores) and that these animals all eat different types of food. We were all interested to know what food dinosaurs ate many years ago. Mrs Milsom was very keen to show us some dinosaur poo (playdough) that she had discovered. We were able to examine the poo to find out what the dinosaurs had eaten. We found that some had eaten meat (there was remnants of food in these) and some had eaten plants (there were shredded leaves in these). What a great Science lesson!


In Year 2, we are exploring story writing using the theme of pirates! The children have been very creative with their vocabulary and have thought really hard about their word choices. The children have worked incredibly hard and we can't wait to read their finished stories. Here are some examples of our preparation work...

PE: Today, we had fun with Coach Ashley!

We have been enjoying making some Christmas crafts...

We enjoyed celebrating Children in Need together...

Have a look at some of our History learning...

Exploring our Federated grounds...

Learning about coins in Maths...


In English this week, we have been focusing on the story 'The Bridge'. In the story, there was a dilemma between a grizzly bear and a grumpy elk! First, we had to sequence the events in the story. Then, we wrote key vocabulary to describe the characters and used conjunctions to connect sentences before finally re-telling the story in our own words.



In English this week, we have been focusing on the story 'The Lion Inside'. We have been making predictions based on the front cover, writing key vocabulary to describe the lion and the mouse, acting out scenes from the story and sympathising with character feelings.


Our Year 2 learning from 2019 - 2020...

General knowledge quiz with Miss Shehata!

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Animal quiz with Mrs Milsom!

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Riddles with Mrs Milsom!

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Dear Parents/Carers,
Some children may be finding this time at home very confusing, they may be anxious, they may not quite understand why they are unable to go out and play with their friends. Here are some stories that will hopefully help them understand some of the issues that they are having to deal with.
I will also be updating weekly with some ideas of ways to cope with anxiety and ways to encourage the children to have a healthy positive mind.
I understand that some of you may not have access to a printer, therefore I will include activities that can be done without one.
Take care
Mrs Whatley - ELSA

Meet Bubble and Squeak!

We are pirates!

PE: Hats and bowls...

Geography: Being The Himalayas...

English Instructions: How to make jam sandwiches...