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Our children love physical education at Balksbury Federation so we take it very seriously and recognise that a healthy body is a happy body. We foster positive attitudes to health and understand that exercise leads to strong physical development; we also recognise that physical education aids self-confidence and social skills too.  Our break times and lunchtimes are active and often you will see our children proactive in sporty healthy lifestyle activities. At the Junior School, we participate in many local tournaments and have had great success over the last few years.


We are lucky to have an outdoor pool at the federation and each year teach our children from Year 2 to Year 6 life long skills. These lessons not only provide the fundamentals of learning to swim, but also provide key knowledge about water safety; all our staff who teach are life guard trained.




Federated Curriculum Overview and Progression of Skills

Federated PE Intent, Implementation, Impact Statement

Basketball Competition 4th December 2019


1. Did you enjoy the experience?

The basketball tournament was really fun and I managed to score 3 baskets. Our coach was very supportive- Josh.


2. Who do you think was the best team?

I think St Johns the Baptist was the best team we played. I think our team played and supported one another really well though- Reiya.


3. Were you expecting the skill level to be high?

We were put under lots of pressure and we didn't think they would be as good as they were- Alex.


4. Would you go again?

If I got asked to go I would- Jake.


5. What made you most nervous?

The pressure made me nervous- Reiya.

I didn't know what would happen and that made me nervous- Josh.

I saw all of the people watching and that made me nervous- Alex.

Seeing the skills of the other teams made me nervous- Jake.


Josh, Jake, Reiya and Alex interviewed by Matilda and Ed.