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What will my child be learning about this half term?

Thursday 8th February 2024 Week 6 -

In Year 4, Anti Bulling Day was celebrated with the children enjoying the text 'Kindness Grows' by Britta Teckentrup. Together we shared and discussed the meaningful messages in the story. Each child then wrote their own important message and added it to the Kindness Tree in the hall for everyone to share.   

Friday 2nd February 2024 Week 5 -

Free Reading Friday was shared and enjoyed together by Year 3 and Year 4 

Friday 26th January 2024 Week 4 -

Gathering figurative language from a variety of sources including VR Headsets to describe the animals and plant life we find in the natural world. 

Wednesday 17th January 2024 Week 3 -

Test Valley Brass Band came to see Year 4. The children had hands on experience with a variety of different instruments and learnt all about them. 

Friday 12th January 2024 Week 2 -

In science we experimented with tunning forks to understand what sound waves are and how they travel. We described what we could hear and hear. The table tennis ball bounced repeatedly when the tunning fork was placed against it gently. When the fork touched the water, the water splashed and made a ripple effect. From this we understood that sound travels in waves which you can not always see. 

Friday 5th January 2024 Week 1 -

By looking at the artists Alberto Glacometti, Antony Gormley and Tessa Farmer to understand sculpture, scale and space. We then experimented with sculpture materials and techniques to manipulate and bind a variety of materials such as: card, paper, wire and cardboard.

Friday 15th December 2023 Week 7 -

Autumn Term has been such a learning journey full of wonderful experiences. 

Tuesday 5th December 2023 Week 6 -

Today we made our jam tarts to please the 'Queen of Hearts' from Alice in Wonderland. The children enjoyed learning all the skills needed for cooking including budgeting, food hygiene, preparation, using equipment safety, following a recipe and preparing food before making it. The children ate their tarts and evaluated them. Miss Thompson enjoyed eating her jam tart with a nice cup of tea.

Wednesday 22nd November 2023 Week 4 -

We have been learning to identify the function of banks and the relationship we have with them. In this lesson, children had ‘borrow’ and ‘lend’ cards. They had to find a partner who had the same matching amount of money. This led to a discussion on the problem of not knowing who has money to lend and who has money to borrow, and finding someone who has or needs the right amount of money. 

Thursday 16th November 2023 Week 3 -

This week, the children looked at some Victorian artefacts to explore and understand what life as a Victorian school child would have been like. Year 4 then experienced an actual day in the life of a Victorian school child coming into school dressed in period costumes. In Victorian times there was strict rules for children including boys and girls being separated whilst everyone faced the front of the class. Every child had to write with their right-hand using chalk and a blackboard. No left handers in 1870! Children learnt how to write using cursive letters, all sitting on the line perfectly whilst writing out poems such as Mary Had A Little Lamb. Times tables, The National Anthem, and the Lord’s Prayer were all learnt through chanting and repetition. Whilst enjoying the experience, the children quickly concluded that modern day learning is so much more fun.  

Friday 10th November 2023 Week 2 -

Making decorations for our Balksbury Federation Christmas Jingle

Friday 3rd November 2023 Week 1 -

Test tasting and evaluating  different jams in Design & Technology.

Friday 20th October 2023 Week 7 -

A patchwork of our memories inspired by the artist Faith Ringgold.

Tuesday 10th October 2023 Week 6 -

In maths we have been learning different ways to subtract numbers.

Friday 6th October 2023 Week 5 -

Our science learning journey this week. 

Friday 29th September 2023 Week 4 -

Writing information texts all about Greta Thunberg.

Friday 22nd September 2023 Week 3 -

Art, learning about scale and proportion.

Friday 22nd September 2023 Week 3 -

Focusing in on the detail with each draft we draw. 

Friday 15th September 2023 Week 2 -

In science we have been identifying and classifying insects.

Friday 8th September 2023 Week 1 -

Year 4 explore hand art!

Thursday 13th July 2023: Week 6

In Religious Education the children have been focusing on the key concept 'family'. They have explored how important it is to develop healthy relationships, forming firm family ties. These family ties were represented by making friendship bracelets with each other. 

Friday 7th July 2023: Week 5 Arts Week

The children had an amazing time focusing on the African artist Esther Mahlangu. She inspired the children to explore the history of the art work, including the colours and symmetry of each piece. They are very proud of the individual art work on their own T-shirts. 

Thursday 29th June 2023: Week 4

In geography this week, we compared old with new maps of Andover to see how much the town has changed over time. We also compared photographs of the school, looking closely at our school grounds and the surrounding area to see the changes over the years. Field work showed us how much of the school has been extended.   

Wednesday 21st June 2023: Week 3

Learning to understand how coherent paragraphs are in logical sequence.

Friday 16th June 2023: Week 2

Using a variety of sentence patterns.

Friday 9th June 2023: Week 1

Geography - Understanding grid references and features of map reading

Tuesday 23rd May: Final Outcome Art work based on the nature artist Jackie Morris.

Thursday 18th May Battle of Stamford Bridge

Still image for this video

Thursday 18th May: Viking v Saxon Battle of Stamford Bridge, Yorkshire 1066

Year 4 Hooke Court 10th May 2023

Safe arrival at Hooke Court. First activity: Illuminated Writing

Friday 5th May: Science experiment to investigate changing states of matter and kinetic energy.

Friday 28th April 2023: Using rhetorical questions to strengthen our mythical stories.

Tuesday 18th April: Open Box Theater Company introduce the Vikings to Year 4

Friday 31st March: What was our decision on the Saxons?

Friday 24th March 2023: Week 5 


Year 4 had fun learning how to tell the time using a human analogue clock in Maths this week. Year 4 also created their own analogue clock faces, where the minute and hour hand could move!

World Book Day 2023 

Based on the book 'The Night Gardener' we recorded our own hopes and dreams on stars. We used recycled materials to create a collage picture of one of the topiary characters.

Learning the skills needed for art!

Paper lanterns with working circuits.

Anti Bullying Day Wednesday 1st February 2023

Artwork from the book 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse'.

This is Me!

For Health & Wellbeing this term we have been reflecting on ourselves, how we are citizens of the world in a multicultural society. We focused on the skills needed to contribute to our world and what we can contribute personally. 

For the start of our English learning journey this term, the children found a stranger tied down in the hall. Using the clues around them, they used their inference skills to work out who this person could be, where they had come from and what had happened to him. They also used letters and maps to deepen their thinking, making predictions as to where he was now and what experiences he might encounter. They soon discovered it was Gulliver, who washed ashore on the land of Lilliput near Tasmania. However, something was very different as it was full of little people and he had become a giant. The text the children are focusing on is ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Graham Baker-Smith. For this learning outcome, the children will write a newspaper report on the arrival of Gulliver!


Breaking News! Who has arrived?

Our Final Product! Yum Yum!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Making our Queen of Hearts Jam Tarts!

Christmas Dinner at Balksbury!

Jam tasting for our Queen of Hearts Tarts!

Christmas Jingle preparations!

Miss Thompson loves them!

Victorian Day

Today Year 4 went to Trinley Estate Farm to look at the different wildlife and the natural habitats that they are in. We focused on the diverse living organisms and their place in the food chain. We learnt how the crops are rotated and how the natural environment is encouraged by the planting of specific plants alongside the crops to encourage wild life. We looked at insects small and large and found all their hiding places. Can you spot the worms in the wormery? We also discovered that their is a diverse ecosystem that includes various fungi which we studied through magnifying glasses. We also learnt to count the rings of a tree stump to determine the age of the tree. The highlight of the trip however, was the tractor ride to look at the site of ancient woodland and even the site of a Roman Villa. 

In art this week we completed our final piece of work based on the creations by the famous artist Faith Ringgold. During this topic the children learnt how to record memories that were important to them so they are saved forever. They learnt how to draw with pencil control and the art of drawing things to scale. The focus as you can tell by the pictures then went to painting with control and perspective but this time incorporating colour in a patchwork pattern. The children had such great fun. There a few photos to show the work they are proud of. 

Welcome to the new Year 4 Team. Your teachers are...

Mrs Sanderson in Pine Class

Mr Bensaid in Palm Class

Miss Hackman in Lime Class

Our support staff are...

Mrs Girling

Miss Holanda

Mrs Russell

Climate Change

We started our Geography unit of work with a focus on the young campaigner Greta Thunburg who is passionate about Climate Change. Greta is not happy that the world is changing; she is worried that people do not care and that they do not want to look after the world, especially adults. To make people aware about global warming and the effects on our world, she protests and makes speeches to try to encourage people to take an active interest. Today we created ‘Climate Change’ posters and staged a protest at Balksbury Federation. This was to make other students aware of the importance of the effects of Climate change!

Today the children entered the Balksbury Art Gallery and discovered the art work of Jackie Morris.

Year 4 exploring the different angles...

Click HERE to watch the children read poetry from the book, The Lost Words.

Year 4 exploring our new text driver, The Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane.

We had a fantastic day building our torches using our knowledge of electrical circuits. We also used our skills of measuring, cutting and fixing along with lots of perseverance! The children are very proud of what they achieved.

This week, Year 4 have continued to explore how seasons affect habitats in their longitudinal studies.

Design and Technology - The children built upon their previous knowledge of electrical conductors to create a complete circuit.

Tuesday 26th April 2022 - Ufton Court 
Another sunny and glorious day here at Ufton Court! Our first activity was archery. This is where we learnt about the Viking’s hunting skills. Although it looks easy, we all agreed it is a lot more harder then we expected. After a bit of practice, we were able to shoot and ‘kill’ our dinner. We managed to hunt a badger and a rabbit. We then headed back to the house for our delicious snack - a scone with butter and jam. Yum!


After break, we then moved on to our next activity which was called Life On The Farm. In this activity, we were able to have a go at churning cream into butter, milk a cardboard cow and grind wheat into flour. We also managed to say hello to the pigs and Elvis the goat.


We have learnt so much about life as a Viking already and still there is more to learn! It has been commented many times by the children how hard but exciting life was. All the children have immersed theirselves into this experience and the teachers couldn’t be more prouder of them all.


We are hoping for more good weather for our final day tomorrow!

Year 4 :)

Monday 25th April 2022 - Ufton Court

Year 4 have arrived safe and sound at Ufton Court. As soon as we stepped off the coach, we were immersed in Viking life! Already we have sailed the seven seas, weaved a fence and learnt how to fight in battle.


After all this excitement, we sat down for a yummy dinner of sausage, chips and peas. Yum! We all agreed that the chips were the best we have ever tasted. Now, we are off to a Viking funeral…


We will write tomorrow,

Year 4

Palm class designing and making their moving monsters in Design and Technology

What is a friend? What is rude, mean and bullying? How can we deal with friendship issues?

In Religious Education, the children created maps of Jerusalem thinking about the key points Jesus visited and where he was crucified.

Ufton Court 2022

Only 20 more days to Ufton Court! We are so excited for our school trip. Don't forget to use the kit list to ensure you have everything you need.


Kit List

Please read the kit list carefully and make sure that your child is able to carry their own bag/holdall. Do not bring mobile phones or any other electrical device, including alarm clocks, on the trip.

  • Waterproof warm coat
  • Wellies/outdoor shoes in a plastic bag
  • Indoor shoes
    (only bring slippers if they have non-slip soles – light trainers are more suitable)
  • Set of clothes for each day
    (make sure you bring a long sleeved top for Archery)
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Personal wash kit with a hairbrush/comb
  • Towel
  • Teddy bear (or other favourite cuddly toy - optional)
  • Nightwear
  • Dressing gown
  • Water bottle
  • Personal medication
  • Black tights/leggings and black shoes/plimsoles for the historical banquet


Do not bring your best clothes; comfortable, casual wear is much more suitable for the activities in which you will be participating.


Please name all your clothes and belongings, especially shoes and coats.

In today's English lesson, the children re-enacted the story of Beowulf through the art of drama. They were given a playscript and each children took a role of someone in the story.

Monday 21st March 2022

Wow! We can't believe it is half way through the term already. Year 4 have been so busy with a range of exciting learning tasks from mystery boxes in History to exploring pneumatic systems in Design and Technology. They have even become coding experts in Computing (see photos below).


Recently, we had a visitor in school who came to see our fantastic learning. The year 4 children were amazing at explaining what they were learning and how their knowledge linked with previous learning. Not only was the visitor impressed with the knowledge and skills the children had but also their super attitude and behaviour in the classroom. Well done, Year 4!


Today, we have begun to start a new text driver in English called Beowulf. See below for photos of the children using their prediction and inference skills to gain some knowledge of this story.

Year 4 had fun working with Measures in Maths this week. They worked with length, mass and capacity.

World Book Day - 3rd March 2022

Some amazing foil sculptures in different positions.

Another VR experience being an explorer in English...

Religious Education - Year 4's art work describing the concept of God

Subtracting with regrouping in a column method.

Year 4 are exploring newspaper reports and vocabulary to help us with our writing...

This week, Year 4 celebrated One kind Word Day with lots of musical activities. It was great fun!

Palm's ukulele experience with the fabulous Mrs Brinsford!

Art - Paper Sculptures

Year 4 acting the story, Gulliver's Travels.

Year 4 testing jam in our Design and Technology lesson. The next step is to make a delicious innovate Queen of Heart jam tart...

Did someone say Christmas?

This week, we have been about learning about many different things including: using money in Maths, making circuits Science and multi skills in P.E.

Palm Class made a 'circle of time.' We begun with the beginning of time and worked our way to modern day. The children used words such as century, decade, millennium. Because of the circle of time, children understood that the Victorian era was not as long ago as they originally thought. 


Circuits and Conductors