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We looked closely at photographs of an unknown place. We described the physical and human geography we could see and built the places using junk modelling, plasticine, Lego and craft materials. We noticed that in some of the photos the place looked dry and hot. However the people were wearing warm clothes so we thought it must not be hot after all. We saw that they were making their own clothes and the place has mountains and forests. We also noticed that some people live in big cities and other people live in small villages with houses made from straw. Later we learned that this place was Peru!

Treasure Hunting!

We found a message in a bottle! We read the message and discussed what we should do next. We wrote to Mrs Holloway to ask if we could follow the instructions and dig to see if we could find anything. It took us a little while to solve the riddle but once we did, we went on an expedition to see if we were right. We took turns to dig in the ground until, to our great excitement, we hit something solid. We pulled it out of the ground and it turned out to be a bag with a box inside. Once we had brought our find inside we all took turns to look inside the box and describe what we could see. 

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle 1
Message in a Bottle 2

Digging for Treasure!

Investigating pushes and pulls at the park

Investigating sculpture with natural materials

Sculpture inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long

I'm Gonna Shine Christmas Performance

In our computing lessons we have been learning how to use 'Paint' to create a self portrait.

In our computing lessons we have been learning how to use 'Paint' to create a self portrait. 1

This week we have been learning about how to use exclamations in our writing. We went on a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament and practised exclaiming about the wonderful things we had seen. Click the link below for the tour...

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament 1

Remember, remember the 5th of November...

When a Dragon Came to Balksbury...

Picture 1

Fortunately, we captured rare CCTV footage of our luck dragon before it returned to its family in dragon land. Watch the video below...

Still image for this video

A Fiery Tale

Marvellous Maths