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History is an integral part of the curriculum at the Balksbury Federation. We aspire to create an exciting, engaging curriculum to encourage our learners. We believe that by supporting our teaching with trips, visitors and artefact resources, we are enabling our children to become more autonomous, inquisitive learners. Additionally, we strongly believe in an education that focuses on the development of both knowledge and skills and we ensure that children are given the opportunity to demonstrate and apply their understanding in a variety of ways. 



Progression of Knowledge and Skills

If you would like a copy of our Progression of Knowledge and Skills for History, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our admin offices.


Year R- Nursery Rhymes

Year 1 Toys

Year 2- The Great Fire of London

Year 3 Victorian Day

Year 3 Roman Day.

Year 4

Palm Class made a 'circle of time.' We begun with the beginning of time and worked our way to modern day. The children used words such as century, decade, millennium. Because of the circle of time, children understood that the Victorian era was not as long ago as they originally thought. 

Year 6 World War 2