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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Poplar Class: Miss Bolt, Mrs Hewson and Miss Parker. 


Spruce Class: Mrs Davies and Mrs Young. 


Willow Class: Miss Lindup and Mrs Buck.

A few important dates to remember:


Year 6 Greek Museum -  Thursday 24th October from 2:30pm (parents welcome)


Calshot Meeting for Parents - Wednesday 11th December 5pm in the hall


Calshot Residential - Monday 3rd February - Friday 7th February (more information to follow)


SATs Week - Monday 11th May - Thursday 14th May (more information to follow)


Year 6 Graduation at The Lights - Wednesday 15th July 2pm (more information to follow)


Year 6 Production - Thursday 16th July at 1:30pm and 6pm (more information to follow)


Our Reading

Our Reading  1 Autumn 1 Reading
Our Reading  2 Autumn 2 Reading
Our Reading  3
Our Reading  4

Autumn 2


This week, the children in Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed beginning to read Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick during Guided Reading sessions. They have enjoyed predicting and inferring what they believe to have happened to the the main character, Zoe.

Last half term, we decided to read Holes by Louis Sachar which proved to be a popular choice across the year group. We hope that the children enjoy reading Floodland just as much as they enjoyed reading Holes - a tough book to beat! 

During English this week, the children have used the text as a stimulus for writing and have produced wonderful pieces of work.  


"As I glared at the sky, I suddenly realised that the soot coloured clouds in my peripheral vision had gathered up into a tornado! I watched it get closer to the ground for a moment, but when it touched the ground...I ... Ran." (Member of Willow Class)

How We See Things - Science. The children who completed this work were really proud of their efforts and we wished to share it with you.

Some of our Computing work this half term. This week, the children have started to collect data to input into databases. They will be inserting graphs to represent their data collections next week.

The Answer to our Geography Enquiry Question - What was more deadly and destructive, a tornado or an earthquake?

Autumn 1

This half term, we have been studying Greece within our Topic lessons. During our topic day at the beginning of the term, the children learnt about modern Greece and they thoroughly enjoyed tasting foods that originated in Greece - apart from the olives which were most definitely not a favourable item. 

Since then, we have spent time learning about Ancient Greece and the children really enjoyed their Open Box experience - hilarious pictures to follow soon. 

Year 6 have worked exceptionally hard showing their understanding throughout our topic and would really like to share their work with you on Thursday 24th October from 2:30pm during our Greek Museum in the Year 6 classrooms. Children are welcome to bring in a Greek inspired costume/bedsheet to wear during the afternoon.

This week, we will be tackling the task of painting our final Nassos Daphnis inspired art work and also spend some time designing and making our cam toys. We will share some pictures at the end of the week to give you a sneak peak of what to expect at the museum.  


Our Nassos Daphnis inspired art work