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Teaching Safeguarding and Wellbeing through Maths 


  • Develop resilience and perseverance to keep trying and applying knowledge through practise 
  • Increase own self-esteem and achieve a personal best by not comparing themselves to others  
  • Solve problems through enquiry by working things through based on the knowledge known 
  • Understand that it is positive to make mistakes and learn from them 
  • Use equipment safely 
  • Support peers who are struggling in a sensitive way 

Maths Curriculum Intent, Implementation & Impact

Hampshire Progression of Skills and Overview

Concrete resources used in class to support the CPA approach

Our Maths lessons are designed to provide children with meaningful skills to apply to ‘real-life’ situations.  We have changed our Maths curriculum this academic year to utilise the highly effective Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach to develop a deep and sustainable understanding of Maths.


Within this, the children will be able to make choices about the resources and methods used, to discover and evaluate what helps them to learn in the most effective way. After the opportunity to build fluency of skills, the children will then guided in applying these through reasoning and problem solving, to deepen their understanding and showcase the value of the skills they have developed in meaningful ‘real-life’ situations.


For our Early Years children, Maths is integrated into daily activities through indoor and outdoor learning.


How can you help at home?

You can help your child at home by supporting their use of times table practise, number bond work and taking advantage of Maths in the real world.  For example, telling the time and working out how long they have left until you go out, or dinner; you can also get your child to handle money as often as you can when purchasing things.