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HC3S School Lunch Menu December 2021 - April 2022

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Does your child need a medical special diet to eat lunch at school?

If so, you need to create an account between 1-23 July 2021 to register your child for a medical special diet.

If your child is already receiving a special diet and you would like this to continue, create an account and upload your medical evidence by 30 September.

Once you have created your account, we will be able to review your medical evidence with our NHS dietician in order to devise an adapted menu for your child's school lunch.

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School Meal Price Increase from November 2020

Junior School dinners will increase to £2.50 for a two course meal per day from November 2020. Infant School children are eligible for Universal Free School Meals.


School Meal Prices September 2019

Junior School dinners are £2.40 for a two course meal per day. Infant School children are eligible for Universal Free School Meals.


If you think your child is eligible for Free School Meals based on income please apply online.




Menu Changes: Some menu items have been changed on the September 2020 menu.

Week 1: Monday: Quiche is now Veggie Sausage, Tuesday: Curry is now Cottage Pie .

Week 2: Friday: Sweet Potato Curry is now Tomato Pasta.

Week 3: Monday: Omelette is now Vegetable Goujons. Tuesday: Oriental Fried Rice is now Vegetable Puff.