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Top Tips For The Summer

Dear Parents, 

Below you will see a 'School Readiness' poster which will give you lots of ideas if you would like to practise things over the summer.  These will really benefit your child and support us in school. If you feel that the list is large or that your child struggles with one particular area, we suggest focusing on the following: 

  • Personal hygiene - wiping bottoms independently & wiping noses
  • Communication - encourage your child to talk in full sentences and repeat correct pronunciation or phrases back to your child when they make small mistakes
  • Getting dressed - putting on trousers/skirt/dress and taking a coat on or off 
  • Eating with a knife and fork (emphasis on not using hands)
  • Sitting with legs crossed and listening 

We hope you find this useful and we thank you for all your support at home smiley

 The EYFS Team