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Homework at Balksbury Federation

The emphasis around homework at Balksbury Federation is to consolidate and extend the work children have been doing in class.  Teachers will:

  • Use classroom assessment for learning to set relevant homework
  • Create relevant homework groupings depending on analysis of assessment
  • Not create homework weeks in advance: teachers cannot predict the needs of children until they have carried out work in class
  • Mark homework before it is returned to the children

Should parents help their child with homework? 
Homework allows a parent to see what a child is doing and to support their learning.  This partnership between school and home is a vital part of successful education.  We take the view that children are likely to get more out of an activity if parents get involved – as long as they do not take over too much.  If you are unsure about how much help to give, you should discuss it with your child’s teacher.  They will be pleased to see you and will help you to get the balance right.  


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