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What is my child learning this half term?


In RE this term we are learning all about the concept ‘sacred’. We started the unit of work with a focus on Neverland, from the book Peter Pan, in order gain an understanding of ‘What makes a place sacred?’ The children learnt: what is needed; who should be in the sacred place and where this could be for individuals. Next the children designed and made their own sacred place outside for a ‘stick baby’. Throughout the rest of this term, we will be putting this knowledge into context by exploring both Christian (Canterbury Cathedral) and Muslim (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) faiths. We will complete the unit of work by evaluating and communicating the concept into our own individual lives.

In art today, we were learning to use varied brush techniques on large paper outside. The following question was asked... How could we create these effects: rough; smooth; hard; light: thin; thick; wispy; soft; bubbly and speckled whilst using a variety of different painting tools? We also discussed the effect of different brushes and different parts of the brush that can be used. We then added our own ideas to our tree. 

Wow - A trip to the Amazon Rainforest!

As we are sadly unable to take the children to the real Amazon Rainforest, we decided to take them to the next best thing. A VR experience of the rainforest helped us in Geography in our 'digital fieldwork' in order to see what it is really like! We saw a whole host of wildlife and different plants and trees and we all loved the sloth up the treehouse! Below are some photos of each class' experience.

International Women's Day 8th March 2022

Alice Coachman was a black woman from America who attended the London 1948 Olympics. She became the first black woman to receive a GOLD medal for reaching the height of 5' 6 1/8'' in the high jump. She was 14 years old. Alice went on to win many more medals and help others achieve their goals. To find out more come and see the work the children completed after school tomorrow, Wednesday, you will find us outside year 6. This is a selection of the work.

World Book Day

We used the book 'Only One You' as a stimulus for World Book Day. This helped us to understand that we are all unique and that this should be celebrated. Everyone painted a 'Goldilocks' pebble which will be added to our Reflection Garden. We continued the theme and Year 5 took time out for our wellbeing completing a yoga session in the afternoon. 

Year 5 take on the fraction challenge!

Science in Year 5, making and testing parachutes to explore the different forces.

Tree Planting at Harmony Woods

Medusa and Perseus

In our latest English learning journey we have been loving getting to know a variety of Greek myths. We chose to rewrite Perseus and Medusa but considering Medusa’s viewpoint. Below are a few examples and snippets of our rewritten myths. Enjoy!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Story telling, using freeze fame actions, to learn different Greek myths.

We've been to Space!
Over the weekend we received this interesting email and couldn't resist exploring our Solar System ourselves. It was absolutely amazing! Please have a look at our page to see photos and videos of our VR experience.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Year 5 Dance.

Let's Get Ready to Rhumble!

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Work in Progress!

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Street Dance

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Balksbury Marathon!

Amazing Action Art!

Ancient Egyptian History Day!

What a brilliant day we have had! All the children looked amazing in their costumes! We discussed reliable historical sources, built pyramids, learnt about mummification and identified the gods and goddesses. We hope you all have a lovely half term. Enjoy it, from the Year 5 team.

A snapshot of our 'extraordinary Egyptians'!

Free Reading Friday!

Today we LOVED having Year 3 to join us for free reading Friday as we were able to share our Egyptian adventure stories that we have written in English lessons, with the wonderful Year 3s. Year 5s were then able to listen to the year 3s reading their books too. It was lovely to see the year groups come together to share their stories and read to each other. 


Ancient Egyptian Open Box visit

What a brilliant way to delve into our Ancient Egyptian learning! We had a visit from Open Box and loved every minute of it. We learnt what life would have been like living in the 'black land' nearby the River Nile; learnt that they wore linen made from flax and how cattle were used back then for farming alongside the tools they used to retrieve water from the Nile. We also found out how the pyramids were built and thought about how the slaves pulling the huge, stone bricks would have felt in that desert heat! 

It has been amazing to start this academic year, we have had an amazing week getting to know each other. We have spent a lot of time building relationships by collaborating to achieve different challenges. Using our Balsksbury Federation Learning Values and team building skills we achieved some great results having been given a limited amount of resources. The instructions were: to build the tallest tower, build a bridge that will hold a car, build a pyramid or a 3D shape (using only straws/ lollypop sticks/ cardboard triangles/ string and tape). Some super results. 

Balksbury Half Marathon

Year 5 have been running miles to achieve our Balksbury Half Marathon. Each foot on our visual wall represents a mile. We are also learning the techniques for running to help us. We are starting to make huge progress. Just look at the difference to our display board. 

                                  Rainbow Forest Painting

We have been learning to develop our knowledge and skills, to paint in the style of Henri Rousseau. The process started with a woodland walk to identify the colours and animals he used in his work. Next, we learnt the skills of mixing different colours, brush techniques and adding texture to get the best effect. After that, we used the learnt skills, to help us paint a Rainbow Forest in the style of Rousseau. Our last part of the finished process, will be to add a wash to the canvas and add detail. 

                                            Freeze Frame

This week, the children learnt how to use the 'freeze frame concept' to explore a narrative. The children focused on each other's freeze frame, giving development points, in order to understand the technique fully. You can see the different emotions portrayed on the faces of the children, as well as through their body language. For the next step, the children will be to include the ideas into their own written work.  

Crime Prosecution Service

Year 5 were fortunate to benefit from the expertise of the Crime Prosecution Service earlier this month. They came to school and spoke to us about Hate Crime. They informed us as to what happens when these crimes are reported, for the offender but also focussed on how the victims of Hate Crime feel. We learnt that there are different types of Hate Crimes, such as racist & religious, homophobic / biphobic / transphobic, disability and Hate Crime against older people. We also learnt that there is more than one type of court, Magistrates Court, Crown Court and Youth Court. From the age of ten a child can be legally prosecuted. It was so informative, we continued to learn about the subject, in lessons, for the next two weeks. We learnt how the Crime Prosecution Service works with the police, how they use witness statements and testimonies to build a case against the offender, ready for court.

In Year 5 we have been having a great time basing our poetry work on ‘There’s a Rang-tan in my bedroom’. We listened to, and watched the poem, discussing its viewpoint and purpose and using this to perform it in our class. We focused on how our intonation, tone and volume can affect the meaning of a poem when read aloud and provided each other with feedback to improve. 

Is there no end to the skills in year 5?

Year 5 had a fabulous day on Tuesday cooking American Cheeseburgers and Cobb Salad as part of our DT work this half term. For our geography focus, we have been looking at America. Therefore we thought why not combine America and DT together. So, we have been exploring traditional American dishes and looking at where food comes from, including how cows are reared for beef. During our cooking session, we learnt about safe practices in the kitchen when handling equipment as well as the different ingredients needed. When we were cooking, we practiced excellent hygiene when handling raw meat having learnt about how to reduce the risks of cross-contamination. All the children were amazing and showed excellent food hygiene practices as well as great cooking skills. They all thoroughly enjoyed the whole cooking process as well as tasting the foods after! Enjoy the photographic evidence as the real evidence did not last long!

Action Art

Final outcome: look at all the amazing action art that was produced both in school and at home! The children used a combination of the skills they had learnt, in previous weeks, to produce their final piece of art. Pendulum art, ball art, string art and splatter art were combined for their masterpieces. We are so proud of all the hard work!

Splatter Art

We added another skill to our portfolio this week using the technique of splatter painting. The children, home learning and keyworkers, through a live lesson used a wide variety of items to splatter paint onto their canvas without touching the paper. The effect I am sure you will agree, is once again amazing! The children collected ordinary objects that they found at home and recycled them into artistic tools. Theses artistic tools ranged from: a toothbrush, paintbrush, straw, pipe cleaner, syringe, spoon, an electric hedge trimmer and even an iron (parents were supervising). We had such fun! Enjoy the photographs!

Action Art Pendulum Painting

This week we learnt the new key skill of pendulum art. We all explored using different resources during the live lesson. The children experimented and explored this method using forces to create their own art – large scale as well as small scale.  At home, the children explored some very innovative ways to make their pendulum creating some amazing pictures. In school, the key worker children, in groups of 3, created large scale pictures on black paper.  

Action Art

Year 5 started their enquiry by exploring the action artists Jackson Pollock and Rotem Reshef, looking at their art and the effect of their work on the audience. Action art allows the children to use their knowledge and understanding of forces which we are also studying this term. The pictures show the children learning the skill through the action of 'motion' using a variety of different balls with oil, paint, food colouring and other materials. I think you would agree that they are amazing.  

The Planet Suite

Each class in Year 5 produced their own space themed dance to 'The Planet Suite' by Gustav Holst. The children learnt to dance as a class travelling into space as astronauts. To achieve this, they split into groups and choreographed a dance as aliens from different planets based on the music. 

Longitudinal Studies: The children explored the school grounds to extend their longitudinal studies. We were looking in detail at the different habitats of creatures and how they have changed across the seasons.

We took a 'leaf' out of Andy Goldsworthy's book!

On Friday afternoon, we decided to make use of all of the autumn leaves that are falling from the trees and to put them into something artistic! The children were told to use natural resources to produce a symmetrical art design. We think they did an amazing job!


Well done to all of Year 5 for winning the most tokens this half term! With a grand total of 6603! We have earned ourselves a dress down day this Friday 23rd October! 

Egyptian Day 21st October

We built great pyramids and unearthed archaeological finds whilst dressed as Egyptians. We also wrote our own documentaries and recorded them on our ipads. We included lots of information and facts about Egypt and the famous explorer Howard Carter. 

Aron Ralston Stories

Our latest English learning journey has been all about survivors! We read part of the story of Aron Ralston, a young canyoneer, who got his arm trapped by a huge boulder. We wrote our own endings for the story, thinking about the decision he would have had to make. Here are some brilliant examples of what we came up with...


Egyptian Day! - Wednesday 21st October

As you will know, we have been thoroughly enjoying learning all things Ancient Egypt! As always, we loved having Open Box in to teach us all about what living in Egypt would have been like for the farmers and slaves. They even let us wrap ourselves up like mummies!  

On Wednesday 21st October we will be having our very own Egyptian Day where we will be dressing up as Ancient Egyptians (teachers included) and having a day dedicated to fun-filled activities and deepening our knowledge even further. Please see the letter attached for more details. 

Open Box - Ancient Egyptians

Health and Wellbeing

We have had a great start to our new focus on health and wellbeing in Year 5! In Autumn 1, we have been focusing on stress and how we can manage our feelings and come up with strategies for coping with them. Each class has had some brilliant discussions in our 'talk toolbox' lessons which have allowed us to have conversations about our thoughts, feelings and views on particular questions such as 'Should we stand by our friend if they do something wrong?' and 'What is true happiness?'

What an amazing start to Year 5! We have just loved welcoming everyone into the year group, to the new 'normal working environment'. It has been brilliant meeting and greeting you all in the mornings with your parents, siblings, relatives and carers. There is such a lovely atmosphere and buzz about the school and playground but especially in year 5. We love it! All of you have been just superb so sensible, despite all the hand washing, cleaning, climbing the stairs and social distancing. You have amazed all the team so thank you. Thank you to all parents and carers for all your support. We have appreciated your help to ensure the children are kept safe and sound. 

Mrs Sanderson

Week 15 Home Learning


Dear Mums, Dads, Step-Mums, Step-Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Sisters, Brothers, Carers - ALL OF YOU!

Thank you so much for all your hard work over the last 17 weeks.  We know it's been tough and thank you for all you have done.  They say "it takes a village to raise a child" and it has never been more true than the last few months.  Thank you for all the work you have done with your children and for keeping them going through this strange time; we hope you are all well and have been able to find good times within the strange.  We look forward to seeing the children back in September, and until then, we hope you have a great summer (let's hope the sun makes a return!) and stay safe. 


The home learning is on the Week 15 page.  There's some fun activities this week to keep you busy and learning. Enjoy!

Week 14 Home Learning - 8.7.20

Earth to Year 5... Come in Year 5... Do you read me?! Are you still there?! We miss you all so much - it feels like forever since we saw you. Do say hello to us through the email if you can, we would love to hear from you! Let's hope the weather gets more summery soon - it feels more like autumn at the moment.  The work for this week is on the system - enjoy!

Week 13 Home Learning

Hello Year 5! All you need for your home learning is ready for your attention! This week we're reading Romeo and Juliet - we would love to hear what you think about it! Stay safe; we miss you!

Week 12

Hello Year 5! As always, we hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.  Keep being kind to your family and take care as some of the rules are relaxed over the next few weeks. The overview for Week 12 is here full of adventure stories, PE challenges and mind blowing science experiments! Look after yourselves!

Week 11

Hello Year 5! The weekly overview is all on the website for you, with lots of new learning this week.  Please keep sending your work to us, this week we have seen some amazing Tudor Roses, some poetry and a brilliant PowerPoint about Tudor monarchs.  Keep working hard!

Monday 15th June - A message from year 5 staff

Still image for this video

Week 10 - 10th June

Hello Year 5! Another week gone: another week of us missing you all! We hope you're safe and well - the learning for this week is ready for you to get to work on! Please send us your work, we love seeing it.

Week 9 - 3rd June


Hello Year 5! The Weekly Overview and learning tasks are now online for week 9 (3rd June).  We hope you are all doing ok and are managing to find fun times in this strange time.  We are still missing you all and think of you every day.  Remember - please send any work you do to  The teachers are checking that page so much: we just love seeing what you've been up to! Stay safe and look after each other.


Hope you are having a great half term, what gorgeous weather. Please find our new PE challenge for the week, feel free to give any of the activities a go and see how you get on. If you complete them all email us a copy to show your results! 


Dear Year 5s, 

Week 7 is now updated and ready to go with activities. We have loved seeing all your hard work, well done and keep it going! 

We hope you enjoyed celebrating V.E. Day and remembering those who fought for us, it makes us realise how lucky we are, even in these tricky times. 

We look forward to seeing more of your learning.

Year 5 Teachers

Hello Year 5, 

Please find our Week 6 work added today, we look forward to seeing what you have created. Well done for working so hard we know it is not always easy at home, remember grown ups can find it tricky too. Keep smiling, it is also contagious! Enjoy the weather, a little bit of time with nature, every day, can make you feel better (and links to our science this week!). 

Take care 

Year 5 Team.

The next update for Week 6 will be on Wednesday to bring us in line with the other year groups. Sorry for the confusion, remember there is lots on Bitesize to keep you busy. 

Friday 1st May- Happy Pyjamarama Day!

A message from the staff at Balksbury

A big well done to all of those who have sent in pictures of their work, we love seeing what you have been doing. Your work is brilliant and shows us how hard you have been working, keep going! 

Year 5 Team 

Welcome to Week 5 of working, we have added some PSHE and Computing as different activities this week. 


Calling all Year 5's!

Hope you are all well and staying home. You may have noticed there are some websites that are offering free teaching online, you are welcome to tackle these as well as the work we are setting you.

A Letter from Mrs Cowley

Mrs Cowley has sent Aspen class a letter. Look below to find it.

Mrs Cowley's Letter


Week 3 - Here are some fun bits to tackle, we have: reading, writing and spelling ideas and some maths challenges.


Some useful websites  These have questions for every day, and worked through answers to help you work out how to solve them (bronze is easiest up to super tricky platinum).  This a weekly challenge set from our Hampshire PE teachers.  For this one you need your eyes wide open! 


Draw with Rob Biddulph

Mrs Conner has been enjoying taking a break for 10 mins every Tuesday and Thursday to draw along with illustrator Rob Biddulph. It’s great fun! You can find his videos on YouTube and we would love to see your drawings if you have a go yourself. 

Easter Activities

Hello Year 5, we hope you are all looking after yourselves and staying at home. We have put up some Easter activities if you wanted some fun bits to do over the holidays.

Take care and enjoy the sun when it shines! We miss you all. 

26th March 2020

Hello our wonderful Year 5 families!

We hope you are keeping safe and well and remembering to stay in your houses and gardens.  We miss you all! Do make sure you are looking after yourselves and being kind to one another.

We have put some new resources here for you to use to keep yourself busy! The weather won't be quite as nice next week, so you will have lots of time to do some more school work! 

Remember to keep hold of all the work you are doing - we can't wait to see what you have done.

Hello Year 5!

We hope you are all well and working hard at home. Here are some of the resources you would have received in your pack last week, in case you need to refer to them. We hope you are finding lots to keep your brains and bodies busy. Please check our website regularly as we will keep you updated with learning. 

Happy learning.

Thank you,

From the Year 5 team. 

ELSA Information
Dear Parents/Carers,
Some children may be finding this time at home very confusing, they may be anxious, they may not quite understand why they are unable to go out and play with their friends. Here are some stories that will hopefully help them understand some of the issues that they are having to deal with.
I will also be updating weekly with some ideas of ways to cope with anxiety and ways to encourage the children to have a healthy positive mind.
I understand that some of you may not have access to a printer, therefore I will include activities that can be done without one.
Take care
Mrs Whatley - ELSA



Click here to login and practise your times tables!

Times table rock stars is a wonderful game for children to play while practising their times tables. 


Week beginning 9th March

We are loving learning about plants in Science this term. This week we carried out an investigation to see how plants produce oxygen. Mrs Fettes brought in pond weed from her garden at home and we used a bright light to encourage the plant to photosynthesize. We used our visualizers to get a great view of the bubbles of gas being produced. 

Week beginning 2nd March 2020

We have had very busy week in year 5, including celebrations for World Book day (see English curriculum page). Learning in all of our lessons has been rich and we are asking lots of fantastic questions to deepen our understanding. In Science, we have been studying plants and finding out about the process of photosynthesis. Furthermore, in Geography we have been using a range of different maps to find the different states of the USA and we've been finding out what these locations are like. 

Week beginning 24th February - Bikeability

Year 5 have been working towards their Bikeability awards this week and have had great fun despite the weather!

"All of Year 5 have worked really hard to achieve their best. I have ridden a bike for the first time and I am proud of myself and everyone else for persevering." Stanley, Olive class. 

Winchester Science Centre

On Wednesday 12th February, year 5 went on an adventure to Winchester Science Centre. The day started off with a trip to space via the planetarium! Afterwards, everyone had a great time exploring the different exhibits and trying out the many hands-on activities. Finally, we completed a workshop where the challenge was to design a robot and launch it as far as possible. The trip was the perfect end to our space topic in Science this half term. 

The Maths Odyssey

On Friday 7 February 2020, two teams of bright year 5s ventured into the towering school of John Hanson. These students had been specially selected for a complex maths challenge. They were up against several schools, creating nine teams in total, from St John the Baptist, Hatherden, Abbotts Ann and Anton. The eight Balksbury students were split into two teams: The Brainy Balksburies and The Maths Menaces.

The challenge consisted of four different rounds. The first two rounds were simple tests with squared numbers, equivalent fractions and year 7 and 8 word problems. The third challenge was an enjoyable problem solving test but the fourth and final round was found challenging by everyone. It was a difficult crossword with numbers instead of words. However, the students powered through and one of the Balksbury teams finished in a commendable third place.

Well done to: Matilda Evans, Nicola O’Sullivan, Finn Williams, Ramazan Bilgic, Georgia Davis, Summer Marvin, Alex Gurung and Ed Hobson.

Week beginning 27th January

We are really getting to grips with the CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) approach in Maths and this is helping to deepen our understanding of key mathematical principles. This week, we have been focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages, and trying to apply this to measures such as litres and milliliteres. 

Week beginning 20th January 

This half term we have been using the probots within our computing lessons. We have been creating different algorithms to make the probots follow different routes and draw a range of shapes. The children have had to draw on their knowledge from geometry in maths to calculate the angles needed. 

Week Beginning 13th January

We have had another fantastic week learning about mountains and developing our map skills. 

We started off the week by learning about contour lines and how they show height on a map. We then used potatoes to create our own contour lines. 

At the end of the week, we had a visit from Martin Wragg, who visited base camp Everest in 2019. He showed us pictures and told us stories from his trek, as well as answering our questions. 

Week beginning 6th January 2020 

Happy new year! This week has been a fantastic start to 2020. We began our new geography unit - On Top of the World- with a day exploring mountains in a variety of ways. A highlight of the day was modelling the formation of mountains using sand. "We pushed two groups of sand together to represent how mountains are made,"  explained Finn . 

Over the next few weeks, we will be developing our narrative skills in English, around the theme of robots. To introduce the unit and generate ideas, each class made robots out of recycling materials. The children then used figurative language to write super poems. 

Week beginning 16th of December



Three elves cooking up a storm!


This week we have been making and baking gingerbread men as part of our Design and Technology curriculum. Thank you to our lovely LSAs in Year 5 who helped the children with their cooking.


Decorating Gingerbread Men

See our updated book reviews by scrolling down.

Week beginning 9th December 2019

 Over the last few weeks, we have been making Medieval artefacts for our homework. The children have handed in some truly amazing work and we are very proud of the effort that has gone into their projects. We have had a whole range of items from 3D models of castles, swords and shields to crowns.

History- A Knight's tale

During our history lessons, we have been learning about the life of a Knight and whether we would have liked to be one. We have also been learning about the Magna Carta, castles and leisure and entertainment during the Medieval era.

Week beginning the 2nd December 2019

See our updated book reviews by scrolling down.


Science: Forces

In science we have been learning about different forces. This week we have looked at gravity and air resistance. We did an experiment with different sized parachutes.


Science- Parachutes and forces

Lately, in Year 5, we have been learning about forces based around gravity and air resistance. We have made parachutes with different sized canopies to test how gravity and air resistance work together. The sizes we used were 20cm², 30cm², 35cm² and 40cm². We used new glue sticks, tape and string. The reason we used new glue sticks is because then they would all have the same weight which makes it a fair test. The canopies were made out of unused plastic bags.

After, we had made our mini parachutes, we all went outside to test them out. We tested each parachute 3 times, recorded the results and found the average speed each one took to hit the ground.

We quickly found out that the bigger the canopy was, the more air resistance got trapped in because of the surface area. This meant that the bigger the canopy the slower it meant to fall.


By Ava and Georgia

Young Carers

At Balksbury, many children have a big responsibility at home and so Mrs Hunt, the ELSA, created a young carers club. This week, the ELSAs from across the Federation brought all of the young careers together and they had a wonderful time. There was colouring, games with balloons and even cake decorating! The children had a great experience and new friendships were created.

"What's really nice is that the older children and younger years were playing altogether. Although it was hectic and busy, it is about us all working together." Mrs Hunt.

Mrs Hunt is optimistic about an outside reunion in the summer.

By Matilda

Year 5

Week beginning 25th November 2019

This week we have been learning skills in DT which will help us build our catapults.


In English we have been learning about the Legend of Robin Hood. We wrote our own version of The Golden Arrow.


Legend 2






Legend 3



Practising Our Times Tables on TTRS

Week beginning 18th November 2019

On Wednesday the 20th of November we visited Harmony Woods as part of an ongoing project organised by Andover Trees United. Luckily, the weather was kind to us and the children had a lovely morning planting a variety of trees- Rowan, Willow, Holly, Birch to name a few.


Elm Tree

A disease-resistant Elm tree was purchased for the school with a grant from the Tree Council. This is to help start to reintroduce Elm into the landscape.





To learn more about the project click on the logo below:



Tree Planting

Week beginning 11th November 2019

This week we have had a lot of discussions around our focus on Anti-bullying week.

Here is one of the tasks that we did.

The children were asked to squeeze out some toothpaste and to try and put it back into the tube again. Of course they couldn't!

This helped the children to understand how when hurtful words are once spoken, cannot be taken back.

Bullies say hurtful words frequently and need to know the impact that their words have on others.



Currently in Year 5, we have been learning about fractions.

When a fraction has a bigger numerator than it’s denominator, its known as an improper fraction.

When the numerator is equal with the denominator, you can make it one whole.

By Ava and Georgia.


Raising money for Children in Need

Week beginning 4th November 2019

We have had a great start back after half term so far.

We have started our new history topic- A Knight's tale by looking at the Bayeux Tapestry to learn about the Battle of Hastings.


Hocus Pocus Poetry

We wrote some poetry based on the Sorcerer's Apprentice scene from Fantasia.

We learnt about different literary devices to help our writing.

Hocus Pocus Poems

Week beginning 14th October 2019

This week in Maths we have been learning about division by grouping. We have been using place value grids to help us to answer division questions. The Year 5 classes have taken these challenges and flew straight through them. Why don't you have a look!

Next week we will do some work on area. Good luck Year 5!

By Finn and Nicola.

Division by grouping


In Year 5, we have been learning about Biographies. The person we are learning about is Michael Morpurgo.

Interesting facts we have learnt about him:

  • He has won an OBE in 2007.
  • He became Sir Michael Andrew Bridge Morpurgo when he got his Knighthood in 2018.
  • His children are Sebastian, Horatio and Rosalind Morpurgo.
  • He has a wife called Clare.
  • He has written over 127 books.
  • He puts pictures into his books because he thinks it adds excitement and adventure to them!
  • He is a very slow reader and doesn't read much.


By Georgia and Ava

My Favourite Book by Year 5

Matilda By Roald Dahl


The reason I like Matilda is because I like the way any normal girl can be powerful. Now, I always try and move things with my mind when I'm bored and it gives me excitement. I really want to get telekinesis.

Next Week, I nominate Ava.

By Georgia.

Scarlet and Ivy: The Lost Twin By Sophie Cleverly


I like this book because it's all about a girl called Ivy and she thinks her twin is dead. She is on an adventure to find out if she is or not!

I nominate Finn.

By Ava


Fing By David Walliams


I enjoyed this book because it's creative and very different to some of his other books. Plus, it has some pictures which give an idea on how and why it's happening.

Finally, it's quite funny like how he says the Fing eats only custard creams!

I nominate Nicola.

By Finn.

The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

This book is one of my favourite books by far! Not only because this book makes you think that wolves are not just animals, they are best friends too but this book can show that animals are not what you think they are. These beautiful creatures can make your life living in a dream! This book may not be famous but I think, I know that it should be. I highly recommend this book.

I nominate Ed.

By Nicola.

The World's Worst Children 3

By David Walliams

I like this book because it's very creative and funny. My favourite books are action and adventure. I also like books with children in instead of adults. If you find books hard to understand, The World's Worst Children is your kind of book.

I am now reading a book called the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton which is also very good.

I nominate Matilda.


Jolly Foul Play

By Robin Stevens


Jolly Foul Play us an amazing book part of a series called Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens. This is my favourite book because it is full of adventure and friendship. The mum characters are complete best friends and they have started a detective society that has solved four whole murder mysteries. Now it looks like a fifth murder has happened and it is up to the girls to find out exactly what happened. I recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 9-12.

By Matilda.

I nominate Anna.

CPA Maths- Arrays.

Miro Art

Week beginning 30.09.19

This week we have visitors from Winchester University.

Watch this space!

Autumn 1 2019

This term our topic is called Viva La Espana.

Recently, we have been learning about the La Tomatina festival.

We have used our observational skills in art to develop a piece of work using sketching and oil pastels.