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At Balksbury Federation we strive to make our approach to English engaging and purposeful and use enriched texts, or hooks to inspire children.  In writing, we want our children to take ownership over the vocabulary they use so that they can express themselves with confidence. Reading is highly valued and each day children have a reading session where key skills are taught.  In Early Years, our children enjoy learning phonics each day and are presented with many writing and reading opportunities linked into the children’s play both indoors and outdoors.

Teaching Safeguarding and Wellbeing through English 


  • Develop resilience and perseverance to keep trying and applying knowledge through practice, especially when transferring skills across the curriculum  
  • Increase own self-esteem and achieve a personal best by not comparing themselves to others  
  • Understand that it is positive to make mistakes and learn from them 
  • Support peers who are struggling in a sensitive way 
  • Know how to choose age appropriate reading material when choosing books

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

National Poetry Day 2020

Across the federation, we celebrated National Poetry Day this year. We read and enjoyed a wide range of poems and then we created our own, following this year's theme of "vision". Our fantastic poems were collated together to produce poet-trees and they look fantastic!

Our Libraries

Examples of our KS2 writing

World Book Day 2020

Thank you to everyone for their effort participating in World Book day this year. Staff and pupils had great fun dressing up as their favourite book characters and book related activities were carried out throughout the day. We especially loved sharing our love for books by reading together across the federation. Thank you also to everyone who entered the "Reading is fun" poster competition; the standard of entries was very high and judging was incredibly tough. Well done to all the winners.