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Your Balksbury PTA 

At Balksbury Federation, the Infant and Junior Schools have a joint Parent Teacher Association working together to raise funds for resources, equipment and activities for all year groups.


The Members The current main committee are as follows:

Kayleigh Hawkins (Chair)

Zarra Wilkins (Vice Chair)

Charmaine Wilson (Secretary)

Jo Witt (Treasurer) 

Stacey Knight

TVerity Ballantyne-Cook

Tasha Beeson

Lucy Whitchurch

Karen Brown

Tara Woodhams

Kate Lark

Kellie Pettengell

Suzanne Ose

Vicki Goodier

Philippa Tobias



As well as the committee there are many other parent and staff volunteers which always makes for fun events and meetings.

Can you Help? We are always looking for new people to join us and all new ideas, opinions and suggestions are gratefully received.

PTA meetings are informal and friendly and often held at a local pub, but you are of course welcome to join even if you can’t attend meetings. If you think you can help no matter how big or small then please get in touch using the options below.


We look forward to hearing from you. The PTA


Contact us: You can contact us by email:

PTA AGM 5th Feb 2020 7.00pm

Sainsbury Disney Hero Card Swapping and Cake Event

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Contact email details. We're also on Facebook - Balksbury Schools PTA

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