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Music at Balksbury Federation

Our Music Statement

At Balksbury Federation our Music Curriculum aims to develop children's creativity, promote self-expression, self-confidence and instill a lifelong love for music. Throughout our scheme (Kapow), topic work and weekly singing assemblies, our children will listen to, perform, review and evaluate music across a wide range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions. In listening and responding to different musical styles, developing their voices as singers, performers and composers, our children will become confident and reflective musicians by the time they leave us


Here at Balksbury Federation, we utilise the tool of music in all areas of the curriculum, as it offers a wealth of opportunities for improvement in many aspects of the classroom. We ensure that our lessons and learning experiences aim to develop children's multi-modal learning processes, as we recognise that this is a key ingredient for knowledge processing and retention. We also see that music can be used to represent feelings, emotions and narratives and is therefore and integral part of daily teaching. 


We recognise the importance of celebrating music within the wider community and we are lucky to have such a diverse range of cultures and traditions among our families at Balksbury. We know that 'music can be used as a vesicle to communicate what cannot be said with words' and is seen as a universal language. This is why we invite our parents to key performances throughout the year, such as Christmas carols, The Nativity, Rock Choir Club performances and Harvest Festivals, to enable our families to celebrate and share in these experiences with their children. 





Music Mark

The federation has been awarded the Music Mark in  both schools for the recognition of a commitment to provide high quality music education for our children.


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Federated Music Intent, Implementation and Impact