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Federated School Uniform

All children are required to wear school uniform at Balksbury Federation as it is practical, looks smart and creates a strong sense of federated identity.  The school colours are red, white and grey.  In order to support families financially, from September 2020, we are removing some items that used to have a logo on and are replacing with a cheaper option to make life easier for parents.


You can order uniform from Stitch-a-Logo Click here to order 



Red logo sweatshirts

Plain white polo shirts

Grey trousers or grey school style shorts (No jeans)

Grey, black or white socks



Red logo sweatshirts or logo cardigan

Plain white polo shirt

Grey skirt/dress  or grey trousers (No jeans, jeggings or leggings)

Red gingham summer dresses

Red, grey or black tights, or white socks



Sensible plain black shoes


Book Bags

The Infant School use book bags for reading books.  You can order these from Stitch-a-Logo


PE Kit

A change of clothing PE Kit, is necessary for all forms of physical exercise for safety and hygiene reasons.  It should consist of:

  • Plain black shorts
  • Plain red or white T-shirt
  • Plimsolls or trainers (young children to have velcro fastening)
  • Sweatshirt and track bottoms for winter months (this does not have to be in school colours)


Long hair must be tied back. Additionally, the use of swimming caps must be worn for hair shoulder length or longer.


The wearing of sensory aids such as glasses or hearing aids will be guided by the nature of the activity.  Please talk to your class teacher about the PE that is planned for your child's year group.


PE kit should be kept in a draw string bag on the child's peg (Infant School) or locker (Junior School).  PE kit should be in school for Monday and go home on Friday.


Please name all items of uniform clearly.  Items unnamed will go to the PTA second hand uniform shop at the end of term.



Balksbury Federation follows Hampshire County Health and Safety requirements for jewellery so it is discouraged and children will be asked to remove anything other than small studs or small hooped sleepers and a watch. If your child wears jewellery for religious or medical reasons, please ensure that you write to your child's school so we are aware.

Due to Health and Safety laws we request that children do not wear any kind of jewellery during PE lessons and it would be advisable if you child finds it difficult to remove earrings, that they leave them at home on the day of PE.  All jewellery removed at school will need to be kept in your child's drawer (Infant School) or locker (Junior School).  If your child wears a bracelet for religious or medical reasons (see above), please note that a sweat band must be worn over the bracelet during PE.


Please note: If you child cannot remove earrings because they are still within the time frame of not being taken out, you must send your child to school with them taped with micropore tape (bought at a chemist).  Elastoplast or sellotape must not be used.  The federation does not keep, and, cannot provide tape for your child.



Long hair must be tied up for PE, Art, DT and Science where safety is paramount - please ensure your child has a hair bobble or scrunchy in school.   Hair should not be coloured.