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Not So Blue Monday

Monday 20th January 2020 - or ‘Blue Monday’ as named by the media in relation to it being considered ‘the most depressing day of the year’ - was just not the case for me. As a new Governor for Balksbury Federation, Monday 20th January 2020 was a day of bright and vibrant colour filled with positivity. The day started off with a meeting with Miss Thompson, Executive Headteacher, to find out more about the schools from the inside out. It’s easy to see our child’s school from a parent’s perspective, a rushed drop off with quick goodbye and ‘have a good day’ and a rushed pick up with the usual response of ‘nothing’ when asking our children what they’ve been up to that day, well at least that’s my usual experience! I was bowled over though with my visit and was buzzing for the rest of the day. It was an absolute pleasure and delight to sit down with Miss Thompson and hear about her vision and aspiration for the federation to develop and support our children ready to take on the world ahead of them and to ensure that her teaching team have an environment in which they thrive and are well. It was even better to see the staff and children in action however. I was met with engaged and enthusiastic children across the whole Federation; junior school children who were engrossed in their learning with teachers bringing to life their teaching in interesting and dynamic ways and; Infant school children who were happy, joyous and content at exploring the many and fun learning opportunities around them with their new found friends. I came away feeling how lucky our children are at Balksbury Federation to be safe and supported in an environment that has their very best interests at heart.

Liz Murray – Mum and School Governor