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Our learning will be inspired by the story 'Caterpillar Shoes' for a second week. 

Caterpillar Shoes

Day One

Before we begin our writing challenges this week, we will practice the letter family that children often find the most difficult. Click HERE for a lesson on how to form the one-armed robots!


Day Two

Today's English is linked to the Science home learning for this week. Below you will find a copy of the first science activity in the science section of the Year One home learning for Week 13. Challenge one (Observe) will be our English lesson for today. Once you have done the activity, choose the minibeast which most fascinates you ready for tomorrow's lesson. If you are unsure of what your bug is called, HERE is a great website for identifying them. Make sure you wash your hands after looking for bugs and remember not to touch them directly. There are poisonous caterpillars about at this time of year. 

Day Three

Today, find out more about your chosen mini-beast. HERE is a fantastic website to read about them or you could watch videos on YouTube.  Remember that you can use the online library at


Username: firstname.lastname (E.g. john.smith)

Password: ebooks


You can browse the collection or search for a specific book title, author or publisher and then borrow the book; it will be assigned to your child for 2 weeks.


Day Four

Most non-fiction texts have pictures to help show the information which is written. In today and tomorrow's learning, we will use the writing frame below. Today, add a title to the non-fiction text by writing the name of your mini-beast on the top line. Allow your child to take time to draw their mini-beast in the circle in the centre of the page. While they are drawing, you could encourage them to describe their mini-beast using adjectives and technical language, for example: 'long antennae'. HERE is a lovely guide for drawing lots of different kinds of mini-beast. In this lesson, it would be helpful to give your child an audience for their writing. This could be a relative or friend who might have a particular interest in their mini-beast! If they do not want to part with their writing, you could tell them you will send a photo of it to this person. 

Day Five

You could spend some time practising writing one-armed robot letters before starting to write today. You will need the writing frame from yesterday. Ask your child to write an adjective and a noun on each blue line, for example: 'red body', 'big wings', 'six legs'.


Focus on using phoneme fingers to work out the sounds in words. Click HERE for a great video which shows that technique. Encourage your child to form the one-armed robot letters accurately. You could help your child to practise forming these letters in the air with their finger before they write them down today.