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Week 5 - set 29th April

Pack 5

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English - Part 1

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WALT: punctuate direct speech
This video covers the rules of speech punctuation.

English - Part 2

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This video covers some mistakes I found in my work. Remember, it is important to go back and check your work. Our first draft is not always perfect and there is always room for improvement.

Maths - Dip 'n' Pick Measurement Cards


Task 1

This week, we would will be learning about biomes.  First, click on the link below to watch a video. Read the information and play the game too.


Task 2

Where would you find the biomes of the world in your own home? Where would I find the Tundra biome? It would have to be somewhere cold! I wonder where that would be in your own home...

Draw out the table in your Home Learning book and complete.

Biome Location Reason why


Task 3

After, we would like you to choose a biome to research. Use books and the internet to do so. Collect a range of information about your chosen biome.


Task 4

Create a 3D model, power point presentation or poster of your biome. Explain what you have learnt about this biome to your family. You could even create a quiz for them to answer at the end!




As part of D&T curriculum, children are required to cook. If you are able too, you could have a go at making "magic" bean soup or "magic" beans on toast. This will require an adult to help. At school, an adult would hold the pan whilst the children would stir. We allow the children to set the table and (most importantly) tidy away and wash up their equipment too. If you would like to have a go at this, we would love to see your magic bean food.


Happy cooking!

Miss Mclaren