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Week 11- 15.06.2020

English - We are carrying on with poetry this week still using the story 'Giraffes Cant Dance' so make sure you are familiar with it by re-reading the text or watching the video of Mrs Liddell reading it in last weeks folder.

Lesson 4 and 5 - Add some pictures to decorate your poem and practice performing your poem aloud. Remember the top tips from Michael Rosen's video last week. When you are ready, perform to your family or film your performance.

Spelling - This week we are going to look at homophones staring off with this matching activity. There are 9 cards in the pack. Choose a card you'd like to do and match the homophone pairs together. You can draw lines to match them or cut them out and make it a matching game! Have a go at a different one each day or add in more than one of the card to challenge yourself.

Guided Reading - This week we are reading lots of different poems. Each of them have some questions or an activity to do linked to the poem. You can complete them in whichever order you choose.

Handwriting - Here are some handwriting worksheets to practice some key areas of handwriting.

Maths - This week we are going to be looking at Money. There are 4 lessons to take part in each with a video that will help you with the activity worksheets. You can access the video using the weblink to the Whiterose website. For the fifth lesson, there is a fun family challenge for you to try with some tasty results!

Geography - This week we are taking a look at the city of Naples in Italy. Take a look at the activities to find out more about this amazing city.

Science - This week we are going to learn about birds. The activities are from the Winchester Science Centre and come with a grownups guide to read before you start.