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Easier Challenges

This week, we will be working on sharing equally between two. For the activities this week, you will need to be confident counting to 10 and developing confidence when counting to 20. If you need to practise these skills further, click HERE to use the activities covered in week 9 of home learning. 


Day One

Today we will work on developing an understanding of 'equal'. Of course, the sign we use for this in maths is '='.

Watch the video below and discuss the groups each time. Explain to your child that the word 'equal' means 'the same'. Reinforce this understanding by using the words together every time you ask your child a question. For example, 'Are those those groups equal or the same?'.


Now place two groups of up to 5 objects in each group in front of your child. You could use Lego bricks, raisins, marbles or anything else of a similar size. Sometimes make the groups equal and sometimes make them unequal. Encourage your child to count in order to check. Encourage them to use the numbers to compare. E.g. this group has 5 so it has more than this group which has 4. For an extra challenge, you could ask your child what they will need to do to make the groups equal.



The Equal Song: What Does This Mean

Day Two

Watch the video below and then help your child to set up a simple cafe. Choose some objects to be your 'cookies', you will need 20. You could use Lego bricks, raisins, marbles or anything else of a similar size. You will also need two plates. Print the page below the video and cut out the numbers or write the numbers on the back of post-it notes and stick them on the table. Decide who is going to be the 'waiter'. The waiter chooses a card or post-it and counts out that number of 'cookies'. It is then up to the customer to share the cookies between the two plates to see how many they each get. Then swap roles. Model saying out loud what you have done, for example: 'six shared equally between two is three'. Encourage your child to say the sentences with you or repeat after you. Continue to reinforce their understanding of 'equal groups'.

Sharing Cookies

Day Three

Today click HERE to play a fun sharing game. 


Day Four

Today, we will introduce the idea of 'half' as being one of two equal groups. Watch the lesson below and follow the activities. If you would like to extend this learning, use the activity below the video.

Miss Goss does Maths - Fractions - Finding half of shapes

Today we are learning about fractions and we will be making half of shapes.

Day Five

Now that your child has revised their understanding of half, we can find half of numbers by sharing into two equal groups. Watch the videos below for a strategy to help your child find half. You do not need to use coins, you can use any small item which they move. You can either draw the 'part whole model' or you can print the template below. Use the strategy shown in the videos alongside the 'Halving Bees' activity below. They will need to share the bees equally between the two flowers to find half. They can draw the bees in the circles or they can write the number.

Halving with concrete resources

Halving pictorially