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Day One

Your child may wish to watch the A Mighty Fine Time Machine again to remind them of the plot.

Chat about how, in the story, the characters become absorbed in books at the end. Discuss how books can take you to lots of different places and times. This is particularly wonderful during Lockdown!

Today, encourage your child to look at lots of different books. You could use the school elibrary at to find some new stories to enjoy. If you click ‘Browse’ and then in ‘Audience’ select ‘Child’ you will find lots of books to enjoy in the 4-6 years section.

Alternatively you could look at books read in the Story Time section of the Year One pages. Ask your child to choose two or three favourites and discuss why they have chosen those books.

Where do they take them?

What do they like about them?


Day Two

Ask your child to narrow down their favourite books to just one for today’s learning.

Read it to them or support them in reading it to you.

Tell them what you like about the book and ask them what they like.

Ask them where the book takes them in their mind. You could support them to exercise their imagination by suggesting ways they could play or draw using the book for inspiration. For example, if the book has animals, they could play with their cuddly toys or dinosaurs.


Day Three


Go through the book and ask you child to use the pictures to say what is happening in the story or recall some information. Encourage them to remember words that were used in the text. They may need you to show them how to do this before they try themselves.


Day 4 

Draw a picture of their favourite part of the text and practise writing some words to show what is in the picture. Don't forget to use a sound mat to help.


Day 5

Practise some letters they found tricky yesterday using this game. Make sure 'cursive' is ticked. They might like to try writing the letters in different ways:

  1. Use fingers to write in shaving cream.
  2.  Put paint in a ziplock plastic bag and write on the bag.
  3. Use water and a paintbrush to write letters on the driveway or brick walls.
  4. Make letters out of Lego bricks.
  5. Trace letters on a partner's back and guess what it is.
  6. Write letters in lemon juice on paper with a cotton swab. Use an iron or hair dryer to make the letters appear.
  7. Use a stick to trace letters in dirt or mud.
  8. Make letters out of pipe cleaners.
  9. Write with chalk and then paint over it with water.
  10. Use toys to make letter shapes on the floor.