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Week 3 - 1st April

Welcome to Week 3 of Year 1 home learning. We hope you have enjoyed the activities so far! Here are some more fun things you can try to continue to learn at home. 



You will find lots of brilliant activities on the link below with explanation videos to accompany them.

Week 3 Maths




Watch this film clip about what happens when a little girl find an object on the beach:


Write a story about what happened to the girl in the film. If you would like a challenge, you could write your own story. Find an interesting object in your house. Imagine you were walking on the beach or in the woods and you come across the object. Where would it take you? Who would you meet? How would you get back? Write a story about your adventure. Don't forget to use a sound mat and a tricky words mat!




Practise reading tricky words using these games:

Game 1

Game 2

Now feed the T-Rex by reading the question and deciding whether he answer is yes or no.

Tell a T-Rex


Try making bubble pictures to go with your story. Here are some techniques you could investigate:

Bubble Painting

Wax Resist

Science - Minibeast Safari


Additional Activities