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Moderate and Hard

Over the next few weeks, our phonics will focus on spelling with increased accuracy.

Here is a video explaining split digraphs:

What is a Split Digraph?

Day One and Two

Revise the a_e digraph using this video:



Mr Thorne and the a-e Split Digraph

Use this activity to practise on your own or with help from an adult. Choose some activities to do today and some to do tomorrow. Spend about 20 minutes each day. Don't worry if you don't get it all finished!

Day Three

Let's learn a new sound! The 'eigh' grapheme also makes the 'ay' sound. You can find it in the words:







Watch the video below to spot the words containing this sound. Can you write your own story or silly sentences using the words above?




Spelling the Long A sound - eigh

Day Four

Watch the video and use the game below to practise ay, ai, a_e and eigh. 

ai ae ay ei eigh a - Phonics Alternative Spellings

For an extra challenge, you could practise spelling words containing the different graphemes we have looked at this week. Try writing a story containing as many words with them in as you can.