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This week's activities are based on the story 'You're Called What?!!'


Click HERE to watch the story again. Talk to a grown up about all the funny animals. 


Day One

Use the activity below to write some words about the funny animals. Don't forget to use a sound mat! Click HERE for one.

Day Two

Practise some letters you found tricky yesterday using this game. Make sure 'cursive' is ticked. They might like to try writing the letters in different ways:

  1. Use fingers to write in shaving cream.
  2.  Put paint in a ziplock plastic bag and write on the bag.
  3. Use water and a paintbrush to write letters on the driveway or brick walls.
  4. Make letters out of Lego bricks.
  5. Trace letters on a partner's back and guess what it is.
  6. Write letters in lemon juice on paper with a cotton swab. Use an iron or hair dryer to make the letters appear.
  7. Use a stick to trace letters in dirt or mud.
  8. Make letters out of pipe cleaners.
  9. Write with chalk and then paint over it with water.
  10. Use toys to make letter shapes on the floor.


Day Three

Click HERE to play this fun online rhyming game. Hover over each of the items on the washing line to hear the words out loud.

Then ask a grown up to help you play the animal rhyme matching game below or have a go on your own. 

Day Four

Oh no! There are some rhyming words missing from these animal poems! Choose one to put the rhyming words back in. The words are at the bottom of the page to help you. You might want to do more than one.


Day Five

Click HERE to have lots of fun making animal poems on a poem generator. You will need a grown up to help you. Here is one that your teachers made about a blobfish:


I am a blobfish.
pink as a marshmallow.
I swim deep down.
I look sad.
I can be funny.
I can be cute.
I am a blobfish.


You will need to remember that a verb is a doing word. Swim is a verb, so is float.