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Easier Challenges

Day One

Watch the video below all about sorting objects according to their size. Choose some toys; your cuddly toys would work well for this. Sort them into two groups: big toys and small toys. Talk to a grown up about your choices.

Sorting and Matching Games

Day Two

Today let's see if we can put objects in order of size. First watch the video below. Then find the toys you used yesterday and find the smallest one. Which one is the next biggest? Can you put them all in order of size? For an extra challenge, repeat the activity ordering the toys from biggest to smallest. 


Big Bigger Biggest

Learn big bigger biggest for kids and small smaller smallest with our big and small song for kids!

Day Three

Today let's move on to ordering pictures by size. This is harder because you can't pick them up and feel them. To make it easier, cut around the ladybirds and flowers so that you can put them on top of each other to compare them. To make it harder, cut along the lines of the squares the pictures are in.

For an extra challenge, can you put all six pictures together and order them by ho tall they are? Can you spot a pattern?

Day Four

Today let's use all of our counting practise from last week to help us to put some caterpillars in order. Look at the two caterpillars below. Is one longer than the other? The caterpillar's bodies are made up of circles of the same size. Can you count the circles to prove which one is longer using numbers?


Now print the activity below and cut out the caterpillars. Can you use your counting skills to help you put the caterpillars in order?

Day Five

Today, let's extend the learning from yesterday by measuring the length of different objects using things we can count. You could collect together Lego bricks of the same size to make a tower. This can be your measuring stick. Watch the video below and then either collect small objects from around the house to measure or print the activity below. 


Measuring Length