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Key Skills and Resources

Below, you will find a document with key skills to continue practising with your child regularly.


To support your child in maths activities they find challenging, use objects to represent the numbers. You could use lego bricks, buttons or anything else which they can pick up and move. You can also use the 100 square below to support counting or addition and subtraction.


To support your child when carrying out writing activities, you may wish to provide them with a phoneme mat and a tricky word mat. We encourage the children to find the sounds they need themselves. You do not need to be concerned if your child selects the wrong phoneme for a particular word (spelling team as 'teem' for example). Once your child is confidently using a particular phoneme, without needing to refer to the mat, then you can encourage them to consider which phoneme they think would produce an accurate spelling. The children are good at using a tricky word mat to spell words which they use a lot but cannot always spell using their phonic knowledge. They can use this independently or with help from you if they are struggling to find a word that they know is there. When they have finished writing, you can pick one or two tricky words that they have spelled incorrectly for them to practise and then correct in their writing. Next time you give them a writing task, remind them of those tricky words they practised last time and encourage them to try to spell them accurately. It can be hard to motivate children to write, so try to give them a purpose. You could consider posting their writing to family members as a way of staying in touch at this time. The promise of ten minutes or so screen time upon completion of a task is usually very motivational too!

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