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Being active is so much fun

PE Challenge:


Record what you are doing each day, how long it took you and how you feel.


Day 1: Set yourself a little challenge like 10 star jumps, skipping for 3 mins, running on the spot as fast as you can (time yourself), run up and down the stairs 5 times, stop and then do it again

Day 2: Try to increase the amount of skipping, star jumps, squats or lengthen the time you do it

Day 3: increase this again

Day 4: challenge yourself today and make it harder for yourself

Day 5: Today can you add in another activity?

Day 6: Complete your activity 2 minutes quicker than yesterday

Day 7: Last day do the whole thing twice. Give yourself a huge pat on the back!


What have you noticed over the 7 days?

How much did you improve?

What can your challenge be next week?