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To begin...


Go outside, preferably to a quiet area with little man-made noise pollution, and sit or lie quietly with your eyes shut. Listen to the sounds around you for one minute. 

What did you hear? How many different sounds did you pick out? Can you name any of them?

Now turn the sounds into a sound map. Close your eyes and listen again, but afterwards, use a piece of paper to mark out the area where the sound came from. Draw a symbol representing what you heard in the approximately accurate location (for example, a bird, a stream, a wind picture to represent rustling leaves). 


To develop the activity further...

Become the conductor of nature's orchestra. Listen again and take charge of the orchestra, leading the ‘music’ by moving your hands along with the sounds that rise and fall. You can then make your own orchestral soundscape by producing the sounds yourself. You can use your body, found and natural objects to make your music. Try to start up a regular, repeated beat. You could take turns with your grown up to add more and more sounds.