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Week 13- 29.06.2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well, working hard and keeping safe. I have created a times tables folder on the main year 3 page and will be adding a range of different website links, videos and activity sheets for times tables practice for those of you who want something different to Times Table Rockstars. I have added some activity sheets to start with and will keep adding more over the week.

Take care everyone.

Mrs Liddell

Maths - This week we are going to start work on data handling. We are going to look at tally charts and remind ourselves how we interpret them and record data using a tally.

This video shows how to create and record data in a tally chart.

English - This week we are going to have a go at writing our own news report on the events of Pompeii. So climb into your time travelling machine and head back to the year 79AD to report on the eruption that destroyed a city.

Watch this video clip to find out about the volcano eruption at Pompeii.

Easy English - We are going to be looking at the eruption of Mt Vesuvius. There is a video to watch about what happened and you are going to use it to recount the events of 79AD.

Reading - Here are some different texts with questions to answer for each of them. There is also a link to The World of David Walliams to enjoy having something read to you.

Easy Reading - Here are some short texts with some simple questions to answer.

Spellings and Handwriting

Geography - This week we are looking at volcanoes and choosing your own way to present what you have learnt about them.

Science - Continuing with the theme of volcanoes, we are going to investigate eruptions in science. Follow the instructions on how to make a volcano and use your investigation skills to answer the questions. Warning! This is definitely one for outside!

Art - This week we are having a go at wave paintings. Don't worry if you have no paint, this is using inks or you can use food colouring for the same effect! Use the link in the file to watch the video on how to create your own wave painting.