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Addition and Subtraction

In the Week 8 document above are five activities to consolidate your child's knowledge and confidence of addition and subtraction. Where possible, use concrete objects to support your child so that they can see what is happening when an amount is taken away. Pictorial representations are also very useful. Your child can draw the numbers shown as pictures. When taking away money, if you have some coins, set up your own shop at home and ask your child to calculate the change. 


Alongside the five activities in the document, there are some extra activities attached. These are optional!

Mastery Tasks: If you think your child is confident within these areas, you could challenge them to these mastery tasks which focus on fluency and reasoning. 


Optional Online Addition and Subtraction Games:

Robot Addition

Mental Maths Train 

Number Fact Families

Subtraction Grids

Monster Subtraction

Subtraction Song