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Fantastic Phonic Lessons

Dear Parents, 


We are excited to share the news that Letters and Sounds (Balksbury's chosen phonic Scheme) has released a series of videos on Youtube teaching high quality phonic lesson which are pitched at the different phonic phases. The Year R children have covered Phase 2 (s,a,t,p,n... etc) and Phase 3 (x,y,z,ch,ai,ear ...etc). You can choose for your child to revisit Phase 2 - which we recommend :) and then you can look at the Phase 3/4 lessons. They do have Phase 5 on the channel as well, although your child will be taught that in Year 1. We have also uploaded 2 phonic lessons taught by Myself and Miss Bolton which covers the letters we have learnt and the Cued Articulation actions to match . 


We hope you find these useful and enjoy the daily lessons on Youtube from Letters and sounds. 

Below is a letter explaining the Letters and Sounds Youtube Lessons - timings and links. 


Stay Safe, 

Warm Wishes 

The EYFS Team xx

Letters and Sounds Online Phonics Lessons

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Phase 2 Phonics with Mrs Young & Miss Bolton

Phase 3 Phonics with Mrs Young & Miss Bolton