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Moderate and Hard

This week we will practise spelling words with different graphemes for the long 'oo' sound. You will remember from phonics in school that some of these digraphs can be tricky because they make slightly different sound in some words. Talk to a grown up about how 'ue' is pronounced slightly differently in the word 'rescue' than it is in the word 'blue'. Another 'oo' digraph which follows this rule is 'ew'. It sounds different in the words 'chew' and 'few'.


Day One and Two

Watch the videos below to help you to remember all about how the 'ue' and 'ew' graphemes can be pronounced differently. You may need to watch them more than once to hear the differences. When you feel confident, do the activities below the videos and think about which pronunciation the words have. You can split this learning over two days.





ue for /oo/ and /yoo/ - Mr Thorne Does Phonics

ew for /oo/ and /yoo/ sounds - Phonics

Day Three

Today we will practise writing words with the split u_e vowel digraph. Watch the video and then complete the activity. Like 'ue' and 'ew' the split u_e digraph can be pronounced slightly differently in different words, for example in the words 'cube' and 'flute'.

Day Four

Today let's learn a new grapheme for the oo phoneme! Watch the video below. Can you spot which phoneme we haven't learnt yet? It is the second one - ui like in fruit and suit. Play the games underneath the video to practise this grapheme.

Day Five

Now use what you have learnt this week to do some of the activities below.