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Hello Year 1!

Maths this week is all about number and place value. These activities are to help you become confident with the language of 'tens and ones' and have a greater understanding of place value. 

Keep finding ways to practice counting around the house, maybe give your child a number to start on and they can count as they go up the stairs? On the way back down they can practice counting backwards! 

Activities are also focusing on recalling one more, one less confidently and balancing addition number sentences - this just means each side needs to be equal. 

When it comes to number bonds, if your child is confident with their bonds to 10 and can also recall subtraction sentences then extend this up to 20. Ask them their number bonds at random intervals in the day. See how quickly they can they give you the correct answer.

Attached is also a 'Mastery' activity cards document with some extra activities to challenge your child further if needed! 

Next week we will move onto subtraction. 


Well done Year 1 for doing a great job with home learning! Keep it up laugh


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