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Week 9

This week, keep practising counting up to 20.


Day One

Watch the video and do the activity below.


Count to 20 and Workout | Fun Counting Song for Kids | Count by 1's to 20 | Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann's Count to 20 and Workout will have you counting to 20 as you engage your body and brain and workout as you count. Do a new set of exercises fo...

Day Two

Keep practising counting as high as you can. Today click HERE to play a game and then do the counting activity below. 

Day Three

Today click HERE to play a game and then use the activity below to practise counting 1p coins. Do you have any 1p coins at home? You could make a shop with some cuddly toys. Put prices up to 15p on the toys and pretend to buy them with your 1p coins. 

Day Four

If you feel confident counting forwards to 20 you could start to practise counting backwards. Try THIS game to practise counting backwards or try THIS game to practise counting beyond 20.


If you would like a little more practise counting up to 20, use the activity below. 

Day Five

Let's use all of our counting this week to help us with number recognition. Click HERE for an online lesson then use what you know to cut and stock the numbers in the right order. If you get stuck, ask a grown up to help or start the lesson again and watch the numbers at the beginning.