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Koo Koo Kangaroo

'Dance and sing along to seriously ridiculous songs'

We use these videos in school to get up and moving - they are very fun and easy to follow along!


Cosmic Kids Yoga

The Cosmic Kids YouTube page is filled with enjoyable yoga and many are based around a story or theme!

A few examples:

'Frozen' Yoga 

Minecraft Yoga

Pokemon Yoga

Moana Yoga

Have fun and namaste!



Follow along with BBC's Bring the Noise. Have a go at recognising the beat, listening to the music and instruments layered up, and making the music yourself. 

Bring The Noise


Use this clip to show your child how we can use our own bodies to create music! Follow along and create your own sounds. Body Percussion



With the change in the weather, you might find yourself inside more so here are some ideas to learn to draw some bugs and insects. You could use pencil, pens, paints, chalk - whatever you have at home!


How to draw an Insect Step By Step

Learn How to Draw Bugs

Coloring and Drawing Insects, Ant, Beetle, Butterfly, Earthworm


This term the children would be learning to use Scratch Jr in their computing lessons. It is a coding website where the children can make the character do different things. The children have not been introduced to Scratch Jr yet. This week I would like them to explore it and find out what Scratch Jr is all about. The website has a learn section which tells you what each area is about and how to use it. 

You will need to download it to either a laptop or tablet device but it is free to do so.

I hope you and the children have fun exploring Scratch Jr and I look forward to hearing what you have created.

Mrs Stokes