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FAQs (for the children)

(frequently asked questions that children may ask)


Will school be different in September?

Balksbury will be a little bit different as we the school has put in place some measures to keep everyone safe. These are probably the things you are already doing at home or when you see someone. For example, we will continue to wash our hands regularly. We will avoid touching others. We will be kind and supportive of others who are nervous or worried about coming back to school. Big smiles are definitely compulsory!


How will I know where the Year 4 classrooms are?

The Year 4 classrooms are opposite the main playground. You will have walked passed them in Year 3 on your way to your outdoor P.E lessons. 


How will I know where my classroom is?

Each Year 4 classroom has the class name on the outside door. On your first day, you will need to look for your class and wait outside until your teacher opens the door.


When do we do P.E?

Every Monday and Wednesday. Please bring your P.E. kits at the start of the week and take them home at the end of the week to wash. 


What do I wear for P.E?

Our PE kit is a red or white T-shirt and black shorts. You can wear a warm tracksuit for the winter as we will still go out for PE lessons. Trainers or plimsolls are essential for outdoor PE lessons.


Where are the toilets?

On the first day, you will shown where the toilets are by an adult. The Year 4 toilets are in the Year 4 locker area.


Will I be allowed to go to the toilet during class?

Yes of course you are! We may encourage you to see if you can wait for a little while if we are in the middle of something really important.


Will I be able to sit next to my friends?

Your class teacher will give you a place in the classroom. You will need to come in, put your bag and lunch box away. After, you will go inside your class and find your name. That will be your place. They will have spoken to your last teacher to see who your friends are and may put you nearby. Please, remember you may not stay in that spot for the whole year. It is likely to change.


Do I need to bring a pencil case?

No. You will be provided with everything you need in school.


What can I have for a snack?

If you like a snack at playtime, it must be a piece of fruit or a plain biscuit. 


Who can I talk to if I am feeling sad or have any worries?

Any adult at the Balksbury Federation that you trust and feel the most comfortable with. At Balksbury, your teachers will always make time for you and listen to ANY worries you have. We will help you and support you so please come and talk to us.


Who can I talk to if I have no one to play with?

Any adult at the Balksbury Federation that you trust and feel the most comfortable with. If you let an adult know, they can support you making new friendships.