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Coding for Kids 1: What is Computer Coding?

We are surrounded by computer programs, but what are they? Learn what computer coding or computer programming is and why it's important. The first step to be...


This half term we will be learning about programming. Click HERE to open JIT Turtle. Click on the space template.


How can we get the rocket to the orange planet? (Click the forward and turn arrows)

What do the green and red pencil buttons do? (Pen up and pen down)


Main Activities

Challenge 1: Using the space template have a go at making the rocket move to different planets. Experiment Challenge 2: with pen up and pen down. Look at the code that appears in the box on the left.

With pen down, make the rocket visit each planet in turn and return to base.


Extra Challenge

Children choose 2 or more rockets to visit different planets at the same time. (Use the + button, select a second sprite and drag it to a new start position.)


This half term, we will be learning about toys from the past. Did you know that every civilisation at any time in history made toys for children to play with?

This week click HERE to find out about toys in the past and then click HERE to play a game. 


Star in your own fairy tale with this collage activity.


Fairy Tale Collage

Art - How to Draw a Pirate with Jonny Duddle

Do you remember our pirates learning journey in English? Chests overflowing with hidden treasure and jewels, long-lost maps leading to adventure and mischief and only the endless open sea for you and your motley cr...