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Week 10- 08.06.2020

English - This week we are going to take a look at performance poetry using the story poem Giraffes Can't Dance. Take a look at the poem and complete the tasks listed at the bottom exploring the poem and what performance poetry is all ready for you to have a go at performing the poem yourself.

Guided Reading - Watch Mrs Liddell reading the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance' and complete the two guided reading questions at the two points in the story it tells you.

Giraffes Can't Dance read by Mrs Liddell. Watch the video to hear the story and answer the guided reading questions above.

Maths - we are continuing with 3D shapes this week by looking at nets of 3D shapes. There are some templates for you to have a go at making some nets into 3D shapes as well as a link to the BBC website for some videos and activities on nets.

Spellings - Here are some more activities to practice the spelling sound from last week.

Geography - Here are some map work activities. There are a couple of activities on reading maps and one activity on drawing a map.

Science - Take a look at these videos below to learn all about magnets and magnetism. Then have a go at the activity ideas listed on the document file.

Magnetism - The Dr. Binocs Show. Learn about Magnetism with Dr. Binocs by watching this video.

Fun with Magnets! Watch this fantastic video to learn all about how magnets work.

Art - Have a go at this art challenge using your 3D maths knowledge to create a sculpture.

Watch Mrs Liddell making her own cat sculpture. Be warned I did forget the ears!