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Kindness Assembly

Watch this assembly by The Duchess of Cambridge who wants to share the importance of spreading a little kindness.


Have fun with this BBC Bitesize lesson on senses.


This week, you could continue to practise the activities from last week (click HERE). Or you could try something a little more tricky.


You will need a grown up to help you with this week's learning.

Click HERE to open J2 Code Visual.


Today, you will be giving the penguin instructions to make it move. 


Go to the brown button called 'events' and open it. What does the writing say? Can you find a command for the space bar? Drag it into the empty section on the right. 


Now you will need to tell your penguin what to do when the space bar is pressed. Go to motion (blue button). Can you find 'move forward'? Drag it so that it inside your space bar command. Now click the red triangle to run your program and press the space bar. What happens? 


Investigate changing the number in the green box.


Can you make the penguin turn?


What happens when you enter the code below?





Try the sorting activity below:


You could have a go at making these caterpillar peg toys.


Guided Relaxation