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Week 16 15th - 22nd

Hello parents and children for the last time! 

We are now in our final week of Year R, its come so quickly! crying We would like to take this opportunity to say well done for all your hard work this year, we are so incredibly proud of all your achievements and have loved teaching you all! heart We think you have been superstars over these last couple of months and have shown how resilient and grown up you all are.  We think you are definitely ready for Year 1, with this in mind your challenge for this week is to create a all about me book for your new teacher! you can use plain paper and build it yourself or you could use the template below for ideas and structure if you wish. 

All About Me Book

You can put whatever you like inside your book, below are some ideas of things you could include:

Who lives in your family home?

What pets do you have?

What do you like doing on the weekends?

What have you enjoyed about year R?

What are you going to miss in year R?

What are you looking forward to about year 1?

What would you like your new teacher to know about you? 

you could put drawings, stories, amazing work pictures, crafts or even a poem, go wild! 

Please make sure you also check the year 1 class page and click on the transition icon. You will find a video introducing the children to year 1 and you will also find key information about September and the class teachers. 

We all hope you have a lovely summer and we cant wait to see your smiley faces again in September. Thank you for all your support this year, you have been a fab group of parents and its been brilliant to get to know you all! heartblush