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Click HERE to open JIT5 Turtle. To begin, you could remind yourself of last week's learning using the space template and simple mode. Now tick the advanced mode button. What is the difference? (The rocket doesn't move until play is clicked). You need to think carefully about their code and check that it works. This will give you the opportunity to debug.


Main Activities

Task 1- Using the big bad wolf template move the wolf to each house in turn. What happens at each house? 



Task 2- Click on the * button, then scroll down until you find the Cinderella template. You need to program Cinderella to move to the pumpkin, cat and mouse to find out what happens to them. You can experiment with editing your code and debugging your algorithms.



Press the + to choose the rowing boat sprite and two or more sharks. Write algorithms to make the sharks chase and catch the rowing boat at the same time. You might want to click on the star and choose the 'blank' template for this.


Ask an adult to help you play the game below. You need to decide whether the toys are old or new and then sort them accordingly. 

Game 1

You will need last week's learning in order to understand this week. Click HERE to recap.

Now click HERE to have fun in the Toy Shop of Time!


HERE is an online lesson you might enjoy.