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Multiplication and Division

This week's maths activities will use our learning of counting in multiples of 2, 5, and 10 to solve multiplication problems. During this week, continue to rehearse counting in these patterns starting from 0 but also practice it backwards to become fluent and confident!


These fun songs can support learning but also get your child up and dancing!

Multiplication and Division Song

2 Times Table

10 Times Table
5 Times Table

2, 5, 10 Mash Up


In multiplication we use the language of 'groups of' so encourage your child to use this language too. This week has more multiplication problems to solve but these don't necessarily need to be printed off. You could work them out practically and record in a workbook/notebook. If needed, we have attached a tens frame template and a part-whole model below if needed but these could be easily drawn. There are five activities so aim to complete one activity a day for around 30-45 minutes. Keep finding ways to include maths into your daily activities, can they help you to share out snacks? 'If there are 12 grapes and we share between 2, how many will you get?'

Halving with concrete resources

Halving pictorially